I really like mayonnaise

I’m on lunch at Sprouts. I had a mashed potato craving. I went to the deli and realized there’s no gravy. Do, I got the mac-n-cheese instead. It’s very good.

Then I picked out a cold sandwich. The cold sandwiches have no condiments on them. You have to ask for a cup from a deli clerk. I went to get Mayo and the deli manager said, “You know what…“ “Put these in the breakroom?” “Yes, here’s some mustard too.” Now, we are polluting less. I like that.

No, I really don’t use that much Mayo.

This has to be a quickie. I have 8 minutes left.

I had a clock snafu this morning and overslept. I had 25 minutes to get ready. So, I didn’t make coffee,and because I am used to drinking my own, I forgot t buy a cold coffee with my food.

No coffee today, just the Bing Cherry energy drink I mostly had while driving here.

I lucked out on lights, too. I have eight traffic lights between my home and work. I only had two reds. Miracle. I did get here on time!

It’s 7:23 pm. I’m at my ex-job, picking up the roomie. Her car still has two flat tires.

7:25 pm. She just called. She’s at the door. I parked under the trees, cause it’s July in Florida. I didn’t want heat stroke.

Oh yay! Wally World in Oviedo.

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