Trying to get past being angry

My ex-husband, Brian, and I have been divorced since 2006. It was a complete shock to me that I’d recognized my marital unhappiness. But, unhappy, I was.

We still love and care about each other, just without the husband-wife, or boyfriend-girlfriend variables.

Last night he texted me with a heartbreaking message that his entire family, who still live in Port Charlotte, where Brian was raised since 1970, was sick with COVID-19. The news was worse: his very elderly mother who was already having respiratory problems is in COVID hospice. This isn’t good. She’s one of the kindest most caring humans who walk the earth. She is one of the things I miss most about not being married to Brian.

This is all unnecessary.

Brian’s brother and his wife are dyed in the red party first Republicans. So, I am almost positive that they are anti-vaxxer/anti-maskers. I would bet my life they voted for trump. Brian’s mom, while being a practicing Baptist like her youngest son and his wife, has always been a left-leaning center person.

She’s staunchly pro-choice, for example. She’s a retired cardiac rehab nurse, but spent her early career working in the ER in the 50’s and 60’s. She’s seen the consequences of women resorting to illegal abortions.

There in lies my anger. Most likely, because of party politics over science and health perpetuated against her, she’s in COVID hospice.

She lives with her youngest son and being frail already has not been in a position of power.

Brian’s younger brother told him that he believes he brought the virus home two weeks ago from a Christian youth camp in Georgia. Now, brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew are all, “very, very sick.” I’m still waiting to hear whether or not they have the Delta Variant. I’m betting they do.

Unnecessary, avoidable. Despicable.

I’m trying to not let my anger bleed into my prayers that they all get well.

From WKMG Channel 6, Orlando, 7:00 pm broadcast.

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