There’s work gossip

No gossip. I’m lying.

I’m on lunch and just heard some potentially good news about Sprouts, but I really don’t have time to divulge info now.

I have thirteen minutes till I return to a cash register. Oh the joy.

I’m still going to the Oviedo store after work.

It’s 3:28 pm. I clocked out at 3:05 pm. They get mad if you clock out late, but the clocks on the cash registers are three minutes slow. So, according to Cash Register World, it was 3:02.

It’s 5:44 pm and I’m home. I’m a little bummed because Oviedo Sprouts is fully cashier staffed. But, the manager I spoke with told me to keep bugging my store manager to keep checking for me. Sounds kind of weird. But, I’ll bug whoever I have to. On my way home I checked my mileage and I’m about a mile closer to Oviedo.

I shopped there instead of at my store because, hey, it’s Florida, and anything that needs to be remotely cool would absolutely wilt or melt while I spoke with a manager in Oviedo.

I got falafel fixin’s. I have a craving. Plus, I need to eat my taziki sauce before it croaks.

Oviedo’s coffee department.

I used to have this really cool shirt I was allowed to wear as a uniform at Coffee People because it was coffee themed. It was black and had a cool drawing of a wizard wearing purple robes and pouring java. Underneath were the words, “Espresso thyself.” I wore the crap out of that shirt.

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