Publix wasn’t so evil

That is mostly because I’m still feeling the results of that comet that went through me last night.

Blech, I had no energy to be distracted by Publix evilness.

I was, however, momentarily distracted by the guy in scrubs. Call me nuts, but men in scrubs are sexy. I’m still standing by my theory that they are sexy because scrubs just look so easily removable. I can think of one particular man I’d like to see them on (and then off), but he shall remain unidentifiable. I’m just naughty. Even when I feel woozie.

I just returned home at 6:35 pm. I went to get some sickie food: soup, applesauce, which was on BOGO. I got cherry-apple and mixed berry-apple. It physically hurts my arm if I try to aim it for plain old applesauce. B O R I N G. Can’t do it. Rose just gave me a compliment by saying, “ Well, you are not plain.” Aww, thanks Rose. I think she was thinking, you are just weird. I’ll take either one.

This is my sickie loot.

The cottage cheese seems wrong, but I don’t know why I always crave cottage cheese when I’m feeling off. It does seem to never make a digestive problem worse. So, that’s good.

I got more honey because I’m almost out. My favorite is Leighton’s, but it might as well cost a gagillion dollars. It’s made here, in Florida, from orange blossoms. I have no idea why, but it tastes sweeter while not having more sugar, so it usually lasts longer.

I want the ball-shaped jar, not just because it’s Leighton’s, but because the jar is so cool. Plus, there is a hunk of honeycomb in it.
I had to settle for the store brand, but I know Publix is very choosy about the companies that they slap their name on. And, it IS orange blossom honey.

I got a can of Progresso’s chickarina, which used to be my favorite until I discovered that Pacific Foods Cashew-carrot-ginger soup, which if I get low on, turns me into a pumpkin. Pumpkin is my least favorite squash. Probably cause it’s so popular.

Popularity is a characteristic I use very subjectively. At least I admit it.

I also got a banana because rumor has it they are, “binding.” That just sounds wrong.

4 thoughts on “Publix wasn’t so evil

  1. I am starting to think that my usual grocery store up here – Hannaford, which is similar to Publix – is evil, too. I usually end up spending several hundred dollars there each month. The other chain here, Shaw’s, is more like Winn Dixie so I don’t shop there unless I need something quick and cheap


  2. I refuse to eat bananas, but I love banana bread. bananas were the only fruit i wasn’t allergic to as a little kid so i had to take one for lunch every school day until high school and i have refused to eat them since then. I eat enough broccoli to make up for the lost potassium, though.

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