Pop psychology is a load of horseshit

NOTE: I have other plans tonight. This was just something I was thinking about in the shower. It’s not a full blog;it’s more of a tease.

The pop psychology saying that has me the most riled right now is, “Fake it till ya make it”

The world over, millions upon millions of people with zero education or understanding of human psychology, construct these meaningless, empty phrases.

Faking it till you make it is called, denial.

Yes, it might work if you are having a discrete, acute bout of dissatisfaction with your job. Perhaps, it’s just a weird day that has you off your stride and discombobulated. I had one of those days today.

In these situations, smiling at co-workers and nodding merrily at customers may get you through a few rough spots. Faking it here might actually bring you to a different point of view that does, indeed, allow you to make it.

But, folks, please do not apply this as a mechanism to correct those huge, complicated, multi-variable situations that have, perhaps, hundreds of moving parts.

One of my guesses about the genesis and overuse of this phrase is that it was spoken by a mental health professional at one time to refer to the simple situation I first described above.

Some lay person heard that phrase and just ran with it, sprinkling it upon all sorts of mental situations that are true cause for counseling.

I have actually overheard people applying this tactic as a way to deal with an unhappy relationship.

Faking it till you make it is not going to help anyone deal with an abusive boyfriend, an alcoholic parent, a dysfunctional domestic situation, or an unhappy marriage.

These situations require patience, understanding, compassion, self care and counseling.

That’s all I’m saying for now. I might turn this into a real blog at some point. For now, I hope it’s a spark that gets you thinking about moronic misuse of psychology.

And, maybe, it will make you reflect on something you are enduring and get counseling.

Some people think I am saying, “psychology,” is a load of horseshit. They fail to perceive the adjective, “pop.” Psychology is a legitimate social science that employs the scientific method and correlational studies.

This is what,”pop psychology,” is:

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