Shopping & enjoying a photo safari

It’s 4:10 pm in Central Florida. I ended my shift at 3:00 and did my usual decompressing so as not to rush out the door and halfway home realize there were Sprouts-specific items I wanted or needed. I knew I needed half and half. I got some other things to try such as, a different brand of a pre-pro-biotic soda/tonic drink I wanted to try.

Mostly I took photos of stuff I’m learning more about that I was introduced to a few months ago. I had no idea there were so many kinds of eggplants. I’m sure what we carry is just a subset of the total number of varieties. I got this idea last week to write about the things I’m learning working in a non-traditional grocery store. A lot of it is very interesting.

Some of our adult grape juice-red edition.

Right now I’m sitting in my car. I just drank the last of the coffee from my thermos. It’s hotter than yesterday and the breeze died to almost nothing. I love wind. It felt great yesterday. Now it just feels hot and steamy. That’s Florida for you.

Today’s coffee mug.

I might get around to writing a real blog tonight I’m not sure. I’m constantly tossing ideas around-they are all ones I want to write.

I was born to write.

That’s why I want some financial independence-even if it’s just for a year-just to crank out my novel and get some stuff published that pays. I don’t want to NOT work. I want a slightly more than livable living doing what I love.

Later gators.

Young gators. Gatorlings??

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