Finished with work on this Saturday afternoon

It is 3:39 pm in Central Florida. I clocked out at 3:05. I bought some egg salad an organic red baby butter lettuce box, a pineapple-coconut kambucha that was on sale an a eucalyptus bath soap that also was on sale.

I’m chillin’ in my car as I write this. I’m having a cuppa joe in my blue glass Coffee People 2nd Anniversary mug-that would have been March (early to mid) 1995.

The mug is the reason I’m sitting in my car; we were out of paper cups with lids in the breakroom. I think it’s a chilly 90 degrees but, it’s very breezy so, I can deal with it.

Ok, so it’s not 90 degrees but, I shouldn’t sit here much longer cause my egg salad and lettuce need to be chilled. I’m comfy though. Where is my chauffeur? Dern, I think she ran away with our house elf. I knew they were in cahoots.

I just poured a half mug of coffee. As soon as that is done I’m going to crank up the engine and head home. I need to get a Powerball ticket, though.

It’s 4:22 pm. I made it to my usual Publix in Winter Springs, on SR 434. I remembered that Rose and I need spring water for our coffee. I forgot to get some at work.

I’m headed into the store without my mask cause I’m fully vaccinated. “Don’t Stop Believing,” Journey was on. I guess that’s a good song to hear when you’re about to buy lottery tickets.

Well, that was liberating. I wasn’t the only maskless person. Publix is one of the companies allowing fully vaccinated employees to ditch the face covering. My cashier wasn’t wearing one. She was probably my age or a hair older.

It’s amazing that we have finally reached this point. I know a lot of anti-vaxers/maskers will be lying and say they’ve gotten the shots. They are idiots. Of course, they will lie.

I just got home and flicked on the tube. Golf! Reminds me of my my golf geek dad and my golf geek ex-husband. He used to video record golf tournaments if he was going to miss them. It was hilarious and annoying. I can’t swing a golf club to save my soul. One word: boobs. After attempting to swing a club I blurted out, “There is no way Dolly Parton can play this game!” I simultaneously guessed the genesis of the lady’s tee.

I have no idea who this golfer is.

So, I put on, “Charlie’s Angels.” It’s an episode done after Farrah and Kate left. In today’s episode, a plastic surgeon just removed the full face bandages from this woman. When they fell away she had mascara, blush, foundation and lip gloss on. I busted out laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Haaaaaa. So hokey and sexist.

“Emergency” is on now. It’s just as hokey. It’s funny to see Kevin Tighe in this early role as a fireman/ paramedic. He ended up playing, Locke’s manipulating, scumbag dad on, “Lost.”

It’s 6:20 pm. I’m going down to the mailbox to curse the fact that my tax refund and second stimulus are not here yet-in all likelihood.

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