The blog that wasn’t

I’m exhausted. I didn’t get much sleep cause I went to bed too late and then had to get up early to bring my beastie to Andrew’s so he could change its oil.

I was going to write a blog on that and the interesting discovery about another part of its engine and the weirdness that someone inflicted upon the valve that needs replacing.

Rose’s French Toast.

The meal at IHOP backfired. Rose and I have been sitting around like lumps all day, too full to do much of anything.

My spinach, mushroom, cheese and ham omelette.

It doesn’t help that I made another only slightly disappointing (this time) discovery about someone I could have gotten close to last year. I’m done.

No more guys that make you guess and if you don’t jump through their hoops they get scared and retreat to something/someone they were not really happy with. Gawd, I’ve had this same experience over and over.

I’m done. So done. Why am I living near Orlando, anyway? Can I finish my accidental second BA at my other alma mater-USF? Should I move back there where all my dearest friends live-people I’ve known since 1970, 1984, 1986?

A lot of questions. I so want the freedom from a meaningless job to just write. And write. And photograph. And travel. And, hopefully, bump into the love of my life-the one who isn’t a big chicken in the love department. Maybe a Pisces WITHOUT Cancer on the ascendant? Lol. No, really I attract those first house crabs like a magnet. You put no stock in astrology? I don’t give a rat’s ass. I could tell you stories that would make you, at least, wonder. I don’t run my life by it but, it is an amusing, interesting tool.

It would make a good anthropological study; every culture has an astrology. It’s much food for thought.

Yeah, I’m rambling. My head is spinning again. But, this time I’m pretty sure which direction I will be facing when the spinning quits.

Going to go upstairs for a hot shower.

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