On lunch-good thing….

…I’m about to faint. Management has not been giving us our 15 minute breaks unless the shift is so short that all you are scheduled for.

A few of my co-workers want to call corporate and complain. I took a photo of the sign that is posted next to the time clock. My young co-worker, who I will call, Pete, said that the company is required to give us our small breaks. Judging from this sign, it appears he is correct.

Sign next to our time clock.

I was ready to faint more than an hour ago. There were only two cashiers: me and our new head cashier, who I will call, Cynthia.

The store has a policy of no breaks between noon and 1 pm. Mine was scheduled for 12:30 pm and Cynthia sent me. I wasn’t going to remind her of that rule cause I was seriously going to fall down.

I have 14 minutes left on my lunch. I ate my pb&j sandwich and some Pop Corners chips and hummus.

Pretty much have to wrap this up.

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