Made it through this shift

My abdomen is killing me. Little Throcky (see blog from 4/8/2021, “Someone take my polyp please”) wants out. I want Little Throcky out. This polyp is a real pain in the uterus.

No more chills or fevers but, I’m still dizzy. I think the sinus thing is becoming history. Usually, chills and fevers torture me beyond a day only when I have the flu or something really nasty. My head doesn’t feel full of cement like it did yesterday. I couldn’t even blow my nose until after I did the Neti bottle.

I’m just relieved it’s not as bad as I feared yesterday. I’m actually surprised because all the stress over my health issues lowered my immunity-I’m sure.

It will be much better when I reach the maintenance phase-the period after I learn what conditions I’m dealing with and then get the tools to fight them.

Right now, I have so many appointments going on it’s giving me ADD, I swear. I just want to get to the point where I can safely exercise again. I feel as though I lost a year.

I know billions of people, worldwide, feel that way. Thank you, COVID, you son of a bitch. Go away now, far, far away, like, to another dimension. Infect some ghosts, if that’s possible. I think you, COVID, even )$);:&@ up my love life. You rotten POS.

I’m writing this in our stunning pre-COVID breakroom while my polyp gets a respite from gravitational pulls. It seems that its limit is six hours and then it feels like it wants out of my womanly reproductive cave.

The analog clock over the door is dead. Right now, it’s six hours wrong.

In work news: life is improving around here but, I still wish that I was a paid writer instead of a paid grocery store cashier. I have to just keep plugging away and hope and pray that The Universe conspires with Lady Luck to send me some cash or other loot.

Oh, Universe, I will take one serving of everything wonderful the World has in stock.

Our scheduling app, TimeForge is getting the ax. We have something new. I just downloaded it and, of course, my schedule is all ($;&@$(:/ up and different from the one on TF. I have to double check with a head cashier about when TimeForge actually konks out.

Notice stuck to our time clock.

In Pam’s medical soap opera news: the kinks got worked out of my prescription snafu. Rose picked up my female parts cream from Walgreens and the price was only 12 bucks, not the 50 I was quoted. So, I hope it’s the right stuff. It might be that the doctor did change her mind about which one she wanted to treat me with. That might be the reason my first prescription disappeared from the pharmacy computers.

Now, I have a different dilemma. If I use it the way the doctor described to me: leaving it on for eight hours and then washing it off, I will be doing that at three in the morning. I might just start using it tomorrow morning.

Well, I’ve been done for an hour now. I’m leaving. Have a good night or day, wherever you are.

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