Oh, goodie, sinus infection…

….I think. I have mild chills and fevers and a head full of cement. On top of everything else, I need this like I need a hole in the head.

Wait, a hole in the head might relieve the pressure.

I called out. I’m dizzy and the thunderstorm outside is mimicking the one in my noggin. I even don’t really feel like eating. That’s when I know something IS amiss with my body.

I don’t even lose my appetite when I have the flu. Maybe after some more coffee.

Just drank one mug of java.

I’m out of antihistamines and Rose tried to order a delivery from Publix (my tarragon chicken salad from the deli is on BOGO) but, they are not delivering for the remainder of the day. This was around noon. It was really storming then. There’s more in our forecast.

Right now, at almost 2 pm.

Another thing in my future is using my Neti pot. Well, the squeeze bottle version. For those who don’t know, it’s a sinus rinse method. A saline mixture is is dissolved in warm water. With the pot you tilt your head forward and pour the water into one nostril. It comes out the other. Then you change nostrils.

The squeeze bottle is my backup because the current generation of Neti pots is made with a brittle plastic. I’ve broken two within about five weeks. They usually don’t survive hitting a tiled floor.

My Neti pot box and the squeeze bottle I have to use instead.

I got the squeeze bottle for seven bucks from the deep discount table at Publix. It’s all I have now. It’s not as effective. It rinses out allergens and usually a few minutes after rinsing I sneeze like crazy and I can breathe easier. I will be using this a couple of times today.

The roomie, Rose, has to go to the pharmacy for antibiotics. She had to go to the ER yesterday because of UTI issue. By the time the ER sent her home the Walgreens pharmacy was closed. So, she’s going to get my antihistamines-and Ghirardelli bar.

Just heard more thunder but, the rain sounds less heavy. I’m sure that will change. I’m sure the atmospheric pressure is partially causing my sinus pressure.

Rose is also going to ask about the 50 dollar cream I have to use on my pre-cancerous girlie area. My prescription had disappeared when I called yesterday to see if Rose was allowed to pick it up. Since they couldn’t find it, they were going to call my doctor. It was Saturday; I knew that would take forever. I asked, “How could it disappear? Yesterday, one of your techs even gave me the co-pay amount. It was forty-nine dollars and nine cents. She even told me my insurance was saving me over six-hundred bucks.” “Sometimes doctors rescind prescriptions and, maybe, change to something else.”

I’m sick of medical issues. I’m so unused to having so many and, yet, I know I’m lucky. It could be so much more worse. Still, I kind of feel like my body’s warranty just ran out.

I might try and eat some eggs and grits. It’s raining again.

6 thoughts on “Oh, goodie, sinus infection…

    1. Thanks. I stayed up way too late but, I’m trying to be a writer here. My head did actually drain some. It was so congested almost nothing came out so I honestly can’t say for sure it’s an infection. My right neck gland was more swollen when I took a shower and it’s shrunk some. The fever/chill thing has subsided some. Ugh. I’m going through a lot of crazy health scares (cancer possibly three places) and now that that threat seems to be going away my body is saying, “Yay, we don’t have to fight or fly. So, we’re gonna get sick with something easy.” This used to happen to me at the end of almost every semester of college. Once that final final was taken or that last research paper turned in, bam, got a cold.

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