Weird observations and other info

It’s Sunday. That means, “Columbo,” is on the TV.

Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo torturing the guy who he already knows is the perp who bumped off the victim. Ross Martin (“The Wild, Wild West,” TV show) plays the evil little psychopathic murderer.

I still feel crappy, I ate and got hot. Eating generally makes people chilly because blood rushes to digest your food.

It’s been about a half an hour and now I’m getting chilly. I’m supposed to get my second COVID-19 vaccination shot on Thursday. I’m going even I have to bust out of a hospital. I’m pretty sure I’m not that sick, though. I’m scheduled to work 12-5 tomorrow. I’m only calling out if I still have the dizziness and alternating chills and fevers.

I decided to post some pics of absurdities in my world.

I have no idea how this happened. I turned my phone on, entered my passcode and this is what appeared. Notice that London or 60% of London could get snow on Monday….
In my slice of Central Florida, there is no such chance.
Hard to fathom that this water fountain and, countless other pubic fountains, have been turned off for over a year now. This is the water fountain near the restrooms in Publix #62, Winter Springs, Florida.

More signs of COVID-19 being with us for over a year. These signs were in Publix #62, in Winter Springs.

At the checkout lanes.

COVID gave us all sorts of weirdness besides the tragic weirdness of the illness itself. Plexiglass partitions sprung up everywhere. Even the lottery ticket counters have these partitions. It adds a real Vegas kind of vibe when I buy my lottery tickets at Publix.

I bought these chips fir $3.99 when I could have gotten them on sale at Sprouts for $2.50, not including the employee discount but, I had no money.
This was on the Facebook page of one of my Zeppelin groups. As a former Catholic, I find it humorous. “The body of Zeppelin.” “Amen.”
Statue in our yard, attached to what used to be a fountain. Proof that the townhouses we live in used to be a community of really nice homes. Today, not so much.
Screenshot of my schedule but, when I arrived at work, it had been changed to ending time being 4 pm. I received nary a message or request to stay later. I did anyway, even though I was in agony, because I need the money. I was mildly pissed.
Last week my checking account came up sixty some odd cents overdrawn because I forgot about my NY Times subscription deducting. I deposited a dollar
That’s me at my Fairwinds Credit Union Branch in Tuskawilla.
Actress Melissa McCarthy on the cover of some magazine. What the hell is she wearing? It’s hideous.
Another cool reusable Publix shopping bag. I DO NOT need anymore of these.
Lordy, I already have two of these. It’s one of my favorite bags. Old Florida!
I just love our neighborhood. NOT!!!!! Another midnight move.
Easter stuff at Publix, in Winter Springs. So much chocolate; so little time.

Easter plants I could kill. At Publix, above and at Sprouts, below.

This was in the sushi case at Publix in Winter Springsright before Easter. I hope the heart shaped container doesn’t mean it’s been around since Valentines Day. What a better way to say, “I love you,” than with a container full of sushi?
Honestly, this company owes me millions in royalties.

My car has some messages for me.

That last one is my favorite.

Sprouts has given me new addictions. Above, pancake size salted caramel chocolate chunk cookie. Eeeevul!

Izzy BlackBerry Sparkling Water and the Cashew Carrot Ginger Soup-OMG! Amazing. I’m also now addicted to Snapdragon apples.

And, now for the Walmart part of this little bloggy. One of my former Wally World co-workers had this on her Facebook page. This first pic is appropriate for both Walmart associates and customers.

Casselberry, Florida Walmart Supercenter. I think this aisle ends somewhere in Southern Georgia. I could never work in one of these stores that seem large enough to have multiple zip codes.
Looking for motor oil in the Casselberry Walmart. It was pretty picked over.

Now that I no longer own a VW, the parts are available at Walmart. In the over four years I worked for that company, I never once rang up a single VW part or fluid.

The self checkout area at the Casselberry Walmart. This area is called, “the bullpen.”

It’s Z-shaped, maybe not as pretty as the linear bullpen in my old Walmart, in Oviedo, but, it’s smarter. Thieves cannot dash out the door as quickly. It probably deters shoplifting.

Somehow the badge with my operator barcode I needed at Walmart for performing certain actions (voids,etc.) on the self-checkout registers ended up in my front yard. I have no idea how it got there.

Last week I got two years of taxes done at H&R Block. I get texts from them updating me on the status of my 2020 return. I got the top one the day I filed. The second one I got today.

This was so helpful.

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