Oh, wtf?

Eeergh. Anyone know how to fix this?

This is the image readers see when they go to my archive page. In my previous blog I accidentally inserted this and I clicked on, “remove block.” I think because it was the first image I added, the WordPress demons immediately bonded with it and refused to let go.

I don’t want this as my intro image!!!!!!!!

I’ve tried in vain to change this unrelated image.

Does anyone out there have a clue?

This is exactly why I want to be able to concentrate only on writing and learning without having to work around a stupid (yet, grateful for the income!) job that sucks my soul.

I don’t need to be filthy rich. I just want enough money to buy my creative freedom.

If anyone can help me fix this, I’d appreciate it.✌️❤️

One thought on “Oh, wtf?

  1. Helloooo, don’t you just love WordPress? I think you might be able to fix this under Theme, then Customize, then Site Identity, then Logo, once here you should be able to delete it. I’m no expert and I’m working from my phone. Could be a different place if you’re on a PC. Best of luck and I hope the WordPress demons are kind (for a change). 🤪💕

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