COVID vaccine

It was a pain in the ass.

I was looking for a pain in the arm.

I first went to the Publix website because I got info from my usual Publix in Winter Springs.

That website was a complete waste of time. Basically, it said there were zero available appointments in about 90% of Florida. No shock there because too many damn people live here.

Waste of time.

Then I went to the Walgreens website. It, at least, gave me a spot to type in my zip code. I did so and was told that there are no available appointments within a 25 mile radius of my zip code.

I googled, “how to register for the COVID vaccine.”

A link appeared to an NPR site. Wow! What a huge improvement. Who would have guessed an organization devoted to communication would have the most informative, clearly written information???????

There was a place to enter my state. I entered in, “Florida,” and like magic I was transported to another online world where the writing was clear, concise and understandable and, it was done by officials in the State of Florida.

Go figure.

After filling in personal information I got pre-registered.

Thank you, God.


My sleeve has been rolled up since March of 2020.

I’m not scared.

It’s science.

Have faith in it, people!

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