Just another day of moving forward

Peter Falk as Columbo.

We just finished dinner. I’m occasionally glancing at, “Columbo.” This episode is from the show’s prime. Jack Cassidy, father of 60’s heartthrob, David Cassidy is portraying The Great Santini. I confess, I slightly fell victim to his physical charms. My friends next door, Mary Lou and Maybelle (their father was a Bostonian attorney who married a lady from Daytona and he insisted on giving his daughters Southern names), were way more into David than I was. Not long after I graduated to more, “adult,” Rock and Roll like The Guess Who. Then Led Zeppelin entered my orbit and I became a complete goner.

David’s dad, Jack Cassidy.
David Cassidy. He was a cutie pie.

I actually stumbled upon them kind of late, in 1973. Zeppelin came on the scene in 1969. They first toured as the New Yardbirds to satisfy contracted concert dates when The Yardbirds disbanded and left Jimmy Page in a lurch. The Yardbirds were great. Check out, “Train Kept a Rollin.” I posted a YouTube video one blog before this.

After discovering Zeppelin and lead singer Robert Plant I was obsessed with them and had a healthy crush on Plant. I was into the Mary Stewart novels based on the Arthurian legend. And, Plant, to me, looked like the perfect King Arthur.

So, David Cassidy’s dad is playing the villain: a murderous magician who killed the guy who had dirt on him. Right now, Peter Falk’s Columbo is closing in on Jack Cassidy’s Great Santini. Columbo and his assistant are marveling over a Selectric typewriter. This is hilarious. Such simple times. I miss the music the most. That and not being 61.

I sure hope before I reach 61.5 my health issues are cleared up. A few of the female co-workers who have experienced the kind of pain I’m having are betting I have fibroids. Another lady thinks I have an ovarian cyst. I think we should make a betting pool. Personally, I do think it’s fibroids. The head cashier I will call, Melinda, showed me a picture of a fibroid the doctors took out of her last year. It was the size of a honeydew melon. “Oh, my God,” I blurted out. Apparently, the surgery crew was amazed too. Hence, the picture.

My pain ceased for about a day and returned about 11:30 pm last night. Then it was gone for awhile and started up about two hours into my shift. I’ve been putting Walgreens’ version of Vicks Vaporub on the abdominal area and it really helps.

I have four diagnostic procedures coming up: ultrasound on 2/24; two female procedures on 3/2 and 3/9 and then, the colonoscopy on 3/16. I am grateful to have the means to get them done. I just hope they reveal nothing that is too scary. And, I hope I don’t end up having to miss a lot of work. I hated doing a Go Fund Me page to get me through my knee replacement time off.

Speaking of money and work, I was very angry to learn that our Friday paychecks (those paid on 2/19) had not arrived at my Sprouts because of the Winter storm. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Not Texas. I guess I missed the part about Phoenix getting snowed in. I guess planes can’t fly over the Gulf of Mexico? I guess the checks come over the ground routes. I’m pissed at myself for feeling so overwhelmed I lacked the energy to sign up for direct deposit. It’s been a very emotionally draining year so far. It’s getting better but, I’m still depressed about losing my cat, Cammie, and then having a huge disappointment dropped on me by someone I was interested in. Then the shock of having my final week’s worth of shifts at Walmart removed from my schedule and completely not informed of that. After over four years of employment there I expected they would treat me respectfully. Nope. My trust capabilities really took a hit.

The 11 pm local news just came on and I am fading fast.😴 Goodnight and I will keep pressing forward. Y’all do the same.


I forgot about the WordPress quirk of posting a blog according to when its construction began. The Yardbirds video FOLLOWS this blog.

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