A time waster

Bill Maher described Facebook as such.

He’s not wrong. Apologies to all my Facebook friends but, it is so easy to get sucked into Facebook World and three hours later you realize you forgot about the laundry you needed to do.

I think right now it’s even easier for me to get sucked in because I’ve been especially confused and depressed since mid-February of last year. I’m a visual person. There are so many pictures. Colors. Funny stuff. Funny stuff-endorphin releases. I need lots of endorphins for the mind-related physical constructs of my existence.

Facebook is also a source of annoyance from certain males who cannot recognize humor directed at the current state of my love life. There have been a few guys who took my comments about wanting to attract men with certain attributes such as between a certain age range and having a brain. Usually, I’ve followed such remarks with, “LOL.” I thought that this far into the techie age everyone with a cell phone would be able to translate that as, “laugh out loud.” Hint, hint: that’s a clue that the comment is tongue in cheek. It’s also an invitation for others to leave their own humorous comments.

I just had to inform a persistent male FB friend that I wasn’t on that platform for a hook up. I had to explain that I’m currently pondering, in my spare time, why I keep attracting men I share a magnetic attraction with only to have them chicken out or chicken out because I haven’t flirted enough or in some other way given off the impression I’m not interested (only because the setting was confusing) when nothing could be further from the truth. Why do these guys not recognize my own personal fear that, perhaps, I’m misreading the cues? Do they think they have a monopoly on fear of rejection? And what does this say about my own fear and low self esteem? Do these questions reflect a person who wants to be confused more by hooking up with someone? Eergh.

This has happened to me three times in my life. It’s heartbreaking because each of these guys were very well educated, thinkers, had interesting hobbies and other intriguing attributes. Two of them were animal lovers. The first one liked them fine but, I think he had issues because his dad was a renowned reptile expert at University of Florida and their relationship wasn’t so healthy. I’m guessing Borderline Personality Disorder.

I’m getting off topic, sorry. I guess I’m venting because I am frustrated by the men who think Facebook is a dating site. They fail to recognize that some people are on there for other reasons. In my case, it’s probably to fill the void that depression has created.

I suppose I’m trying to convey that I need to wean myself off Facebook but, it really is hard when so many things make me bust out laughing and part of my writing involves humor and making others laugh. So, I do find inspiration there, many times.

I know this kind of rambles. I apologize. I need to spend more time on WordPress and less time on Facebook. I need to practice my writing.

My current Facebook page. Feel free to visit but, I’m not looking for a mate. Thank you.

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