I miss the days when my medical issues were boring

Info card on my new OBGYN, Cynthia Bernal MD, two of the procedures I need. I asked her to write them down because I was tired and none of the information she was giving me was hitting the right neurons.

I had my first appointment with my new OBGYN today at 11:20. I did like her; I didn’t like the news. The best thing I got out of it was that I lost a couple of pounds. Not to fear, I will probably be reunited with those pounds soon.

The stress forced me to take an anti-anxiety pill. I’ve just been taking them near bedtime. I’m exhausted; I only slept for three hours. So, this blog might become loopy. Just a warning.

My reason for getting this OBGYN referral and appointment was because of post-menopausal spotting and pain. When the pain began in December I thought it was related to my colon; the pain was in that general area-lower left abdomen. When it got worse a couple of weeks ago-to the point I could barely stand up straight-I ended up in the ER at AdventHealth in Altamonte Springs. I wrote a blog about that experience. They did a CT scan and it wasn’t my colon but, I got a suggestion to see an OBGYN. That meant I had to go to my primary care physician. When I went to my current HMO plan I was kind of concerned because I knew I’d have to get referrals for specialty visits. But, I’ve found that I like it because I’m building a cohesive medical history via my primary and getting to know her better. She’s definitely the best primary doctor I’ve ever had. I bet she’s the smartest one too.

Thus, I got a squeeze in appointment with her on Friday and got my appointment with my new OBGYN, Cynthia Bernal MD. I’m so glad I thought of asking Dr. Lauridsen for an anti-anxiety medicine because I’ve been way more stressed than I normally feel.

I feel even more stressed since leaving the Dr. Bernal’s office. We talked about the spotting and that any kind of feminine bleeding after menopause is not normal. It means something is wrong. She thinks that my uterine lining is thickening and we have to find out why. It could be hormonal, an infection, fibroids, polyps or cancer.

The word, “cancer,” scares the crap out of me. Every member of my father’s immediate family, except his mom, died of some form of cancer. Bladder cancer is what got my father. I’ve already had two early forms of skin cancer-my dad had that too-squamous cell (right hand, January 2019) and basal cell (right upper chest, March 2019). And, in the late 1980’s I had to get a cervical cone biopsy. The biopsy came back negative but, the abnormal cervical cells appeared in my PAP smear that initiated the cone biopsy still gave me the willies. I was in my late 20’s These experiences with close calls have me asking, “When is my luck going to run out?”

I have been medically very lucky. My good luck started with conception. I think I’ve mentioned before that doctors told my mother she would never get pregnant. They turned out to be bad pregnancy prognosticators because here I am. I think I was 6 or 7-we hadn’t been living in Florida long-when doctors gave my mom a hysterectomy in Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater. She was only 38 or 39. So, I guess I lucked out because I still have my uterus and am about to turn 61. I suppose not feeling 61 and mentally feeling 30 while spiritually being a juvenile delinquent helps me shock people when I tell them my age.

My new doctor gave me a pelvic inspection and found something new: an abnormal vaginal spot. Oh fucking yay! That just added a new diagnostic procedure I need. Thank God for generic Xanex. My inventory of needed tests are: a hysteroscopy and biopsy, a vaginal biopsy and an ultrasound sound of my entire female reproductive organs. These are just to find out what is going on. No pressing questions were answered; only new ones created. I felt like a new virus on a microscope slide. I also was disappointed to learn that the ultrasound machine is not set up yet. Her practice is new, the office and building are new so, the ultrasound room isn’t there yet but, they are working on it. That means I have to go to another doctor who does have ultrasound facilities.

I was so exhausted and freaked out over the new discovery that I didn’t even ask her for some pain meds. Later, I made the ultrasound appointment with another OBGYN, Jon Sweet MD, in Sanford. The receptionist was very nice and I told her about forgetting about the pain meds and she said I could set up my Orlando Health portal online and request them that way or I could just call. I know I’m going to need them. I don’t want Oxy.

I got all my gynecological tests scheduled. I was happy about that but, I’m still trying to solidify the colonoscopy appointment for March 16th. The woman who schedules for my gastroenterologist, Wilma, called me back at the end of last week. We played a lot of phone tag but, finally I got a return call. She left me a list of available days. I called her back and had to leave a message saying I wanted to do it on the 16th of March. I haven’t received a confirmation about that. Today I called again and had to leave another voice mail saying I wanted to do it on that day. I already requested it off and it was granted. I need to set up a ride to and from. I hope Rose can help me out.

My health was boring for my first 59 years. Save for that cone biopsy and occasional colds and random flus, strep throat and mononucleosis, horrible cramps, stretches of mental health counseling for chronic depression and later, bi-polar disorder, and sleep apnea, my health has been nice and good and dull. My knee replacement was my first major surgery. A lot of people are not lucky enough to have 59 years of relative good health.

I am grateful. I hope my luck remains good. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

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