First closing shift and other news

Closing wasn’t horrible. My body is in horrible pain, though. I’m glad I got my OBGYN appointment for tomorrow morning.

Just got home. It’s 10:42. What can I eat for dinner? Hmmm

I’m trapped in my car by Tom Petty, “Free Falling.” He really has some nerve croaking. I never got to see him live. I wish I had.

Damnit, now AD/DC came on, “Hells Bells.” I think that’s the title. I guess I will turn on my app.

The sign fir Sprouts on Aloma Avenue in Winter Park.

It’s 10:55 pm. I’m in the house. Lookie, I haven’t killed it yet and it bloomed!!!!!!!

It’s alive. It’s alive.

11:13 pm. Shower time even though the news is on. I sent out my requests to the Universe at 11:11. Did you? I still have to figure out dinner. My pain subsided since I sat in the car for awhile. After about three hours on my feet my abdomen feels like a couple of chef knives are stuck into it.

It’s almost 2 am. I really couldn’t stand. I was so sore. I texted and Messaged my friend, Chelle, fir awhile. She’s so awesome. One of my besties. ❤️ So, I just got out of the shower and finished the tiny bit of Greek salad I had left. I still haven’t eaten much. I am popping something into the oven and am going to have some soup.

I was a little stressed about my first closing shift. I really don’t like working so late unless it’s doing something I love like writing, photography or reading an anthropology or psychology textbook. Yes, I really do yank those books off my shelves and read them-again. I’ve never sold back a college textbook. I did sell a couple at a garage sale we had in NE Portland back in 1999.

Work turned out to be not bad. I was the only regular cashier for the last hour. One of the head cashiers closed with me. I started my clean up in stages before 8 pm. Our store closes at 10 pm. I like that we have to clean up our register areas before we leave. At Walmart we just shut off our lights and walked away. I used to clean up my work area at Walmart until I realized it was just me and a couple of other responsible cashiers that cleaned up. Then, toward the end of my tenure there I just didn’t really care anymore. That place exhausted me. The insulting way management handled the COVID problem was infuriating. That is another story all together and too complicated for this little description of my day. Just know this: I never had a high opinion of Walmart before I was hired there in August of 2016 and the handling of COVID really lowered that opinion.

I cleaned the obvious things: conveyor belt, register keys and screens, credit/debit card reader, scale, grocery packing area, swept, restocked bags, cleaned the plexiglass COVID shields and more. I clocked out at 10:04 pm.

Before I got dressed for work this afternoon I called the new doctor, the OBGYN, that my primary referred me to. I had to leave a voice message and, surprise, I got a return call. At first it didn’t seem promising that I’d get an appointment this week but, I lucked out. I have the 19th (my birthday) and the 20th off and I have Tuesday off as well. I didn’t want to wait till Friday and I didn’t want to spend my birthday in the doctor’s office. She had two appointments available for Tuesday. I took the latest one fir 11:20 am. It’s 3:00 am now. I guess I’m not going to get much sleep. I don’t care; I’m glad I’m going to get checked out.

I still have to solidify the colonoscopy appointment. I had to leave a voice message that I wanted to snag an appointment for March 16th. Hopefully, some St. Patrick’s Day luck will bleed into the previous day.

I kind of feel as though my very boring medical history is about to get less dull. I like dull better. I want it to stay dull.

After dealing with the doctor’s appointment, I handled my student loan issue. Saturday I’d received a plain red envelope with my machine printed name and address in cursive made to look as though it was handwritten. It looks so cheesy. It was so clever of them to try and disguise it as a Valentine. I opened it and it was from Navient, the student loan servicing company! I was kind of pissed because I’d already called on January 25th a different company that was not a collection agency but, kind of a mediator for Navient. They were supposed to be sending me forms to fill out. It wasn’t a scam cause they didn’t even ask for any account numbers at all. It turned out I qualified for a program where I paid zero for a year but, it’s not forbearance. They are emailing me some forms. At least, the Navient people are always very nice but, I’m pretty sure they were sued into kindness. I don’t know all the details because they were not my loan service company when this happened, but there were a few class action lawsuits brought against them for some sort of abuse.

My student loan Valentine.

I’m finally winding down enough so that I can get to sleep. Catch you all later.

I just remembered this humorous tid bit. I rang up this guy who was kind of mockingly complaining about having to return to work tomorrow (Tuesday). I had health care job vibes off him so, I asked, “What kind of work do you do?” “Physical therapy.” “Oh yeah, I had to go through some of that after my knee replacement. My doctor sent me to Ability Rehab.” “Did they help you out.” “Yes,” I said, “they were great.” “Who did your surgery?” “Ron Hudanich.” “Oh yeah, I know him he’s a good surgeon, a good guy.” I responded with, “It’s kind of hilarious his favorite band is Motley Crue.” He busted out laughing and said, “My opinion of him just increased.” I just laughed and shook my head. Two head bangers in a pod. How adorable.

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