Hmm, what to write about next

I have so many ideas swirling around in my head.

Who would have thought the Super Bowl could inspire a writing subject? And I don’t mean, why is Tom Brady called the goat? Is he a Capricorn? But, that is on my google list. My google list is about three miles long. I’m the Google Queen. Capricorn does seem to fit his career trajectory but, no, I’m talking pirates.

Ancient map of The Land of Flowers.

Yes, as obvious as it should be and yet it’s not, Florida has a long ancient history with pirates. That is why the Tampa Bay NFL franchise is called the Buccaneers. That’s why Tampa has a Gasparilla celebration every Spring. Well, that and alcohol is deeply involved. Not having to work or calling in sick that day is also involved. As long as I can remember Gasparilla never happens on a weekend.

The pirate ship heads toward downtown Tampa on the Hillsborough River.
Jose Gaspar’s ship.

So, I want to write about Florida’s pirate history. But, I also want to write about Parkinson’s Disease.

Both require some research. This is where hating to have to work a spiritually meaningless but necessary job comes in. I LOVE DOING RESEARCH!!!!!! It’s time consuming but, joyous. I soak in information like a fricking sponge.

I seriously wish I could get paid to do that.

Some ideas I have swirling in my head:

IS Tom Brady a Capricorn? I’ll have to google that.

All images stolen from the internet.

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