Shopping @ Target

I’m home from my excursion to Tar-jzay. Tar-jzay has gone classy. There are shiny things everywhere. I would have taken pics but, crying so much writing my two latest blogs sucked out a lot of energy.

The Oviedo Target on Red Bug Lake Road. The store’s name isn’t even spelled out on the building. I guess that giant Target symbol was cheaper than paying for six letters.

It’s pretty obvious Target is going after the Kohl’s crowd. There’s carpeting and sparkly displays and well defined departments. I guess it’s been a long time since I was in the Oviedo Target. It had a slight Maas Brothers feel. Maas Brothers was an upscale Florida based chain of department stores. There was one in Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg. My mom and I used to shop there quite a bit. I got a lot of school clothes from Maas Brothers. The day after Christmas they had great sales on decorations. That was some fun shopping with my mother.

I strolled around looking through the housewares and decor and bathroom stuff like shower curtains and soap dishes. I love this stuff. I love to look around and plan my future home. The only thing is that I want a bathroom with a Florida Keys theme-lots of Caribbean colors and even a yard flamingo stuck into a pail of Gulf Coast sand. The colors they had were earthier. They will be fine for my master bath theme which will have a Pacific Northwest theme. I might have to go to Oregon for some Douglas Fir pinecones. Of course, I’d return to Florida with a suitcase full of those and books from Powell’s City of Books and some really great wholebean coffees.

While I poked around the store I spied a hot guy in the baby car seat aisle. I turned down that aisle. Tall, shaved head, kinda lanky. “Oh, excuse me do you carry him in an older version? Maybe 48 to 60-ish?” Dern, where is a Target associate when you need one? Probably at a donut shop. My ex is right; I’m gonna be a dirty old lady. When I get old, that is. I will let you know when I reach 102.

I only needed four things: Zevo bug killer, antihistamines, a pump bottle of hand soap and, of course, ice cream. I got Moose Tracks. I think I got overcharged on it by a buck or so. I went through self-checkout. That gave me a bad flashback like the kind popularized by hippies on acid in the sixties. Their SCO registers were the same as Walmart’s. I almost went screaming to my car until I realized that the registers were Target red and not Walmart blue. Gawd, I hated working SCO at Walmart.

As I drove through Winter Springs I saw at least four Winter Springs police cruisers, lights flashing pull over drivers. Winter Springs cops know how to stay busy.

This was at the Circle K around the corner from my apartment. I got more gas-for my car.

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