Oh yay, an extra $50 worth of prescriptions

I’m home. It’s just after 9 pm. I still haven’t eaten dinner but, I’m holding off until after I take a shower. So, I will be back in about 40 minutes.

Actually, it’s two hours later. I got distracted. I know, what a shock. I did just eat a tarragon chicken salad sandwich for dinner. I had some Pop Corners chips with Boar’s Head Traditional Hummus.

I’m really exhausted but, at least, I have clean work shirts and I won’t have to do an unexpected load of laundry like I did at 2 am this morning. Ugh, I was so frustrated over that.

I have the local news on and I want to get upstairs before I get sucked into watching, “A Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” I’m a gonner once I see the first few minutes of that show. I start laughing my ass off and then get an endorphin release high. So, I want to make this a quickie.

Work went well today. I’m starting to pick up some speed and am learning more of store layout. It will be nice when I can walk customers to what they are looking for. It seems so weird to be working in a much smaller space. Sprouts is probably an eighth of the size of my ex-Walmart, which was not a large super center. It’s really great to not have to ring up clothes. Whenever there was a price dispute at Walmart the chances were very high it would be on an apparel item. Produce was also a huge supplier of price issues. Another huge difference: almost no rejected items left in random places all over the store. Customers are real good about handing rejects to the cashiers rather than plopping them down in the impulse buy areas around the registers or in other places. It’s so awesome. Our customers, generally speaking, are so incredibly nice and polite. Ok, I will say it: they have class, not just because it’s in well-to-do Winter Park but, because they learned manners. Whatever the reasons for their class, I am grateful.

Today was two shifts down and six more to go before I get one day off

Ok, too late, Colbert is on and making fun of that completely, ridiculously whacked Georgia Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene. I just laughed my ass off. He’s evil.

I was scheduled to work till 6 but, it slowed a little early and I ended up leaving at 5:30.

My pharmacy on SR 434 in Winter Springs.

On the way home I had to stop at Walgreens to pick up my happy pills. When I got to the pick up window the clerk plunked down four prescriptions. I get three. It turned out that the gastroenterologist sent in my script for the nasty pre-colonoscopy drink I have to have. I wasn’t expecting that. No one told me that the script would be sent to my pharmacy. I can’t even make my appointment until next week and the earliest I can get the procedure done is March. The painful part was the price: 50 bucks. I couldn’t get it tonight. I get a check tomorrow. Oh the joy, I’ll be stopping at Walgreens tomorrow night too.

I’m going to wash my CPAP machine parts and to to bed.

3 thoughts on “Oh yay, an extra $50 worth of prescriptions

  1. you should move up here to Maine: I have Mainecare in addition to Medicare and it’s additional advantage plan and I have only paid $6 in prescription copays in over a year. You would qualify for Mainecare for sure. I got hernia surgery x2 , my cpap machine and a brace for my foot and shoes and had no copays at all for all that. Yes, it was 7F this morning, but it is sunny now and warming up a little. You could handle that I’m sure.


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