This is another quickie blog

This time I am preparing for work. My shift is a short one: 3-8 pm. I haven’t had to start any work shift that late in years. Of course, last year at this time I had a huge swollen purple and green left leg from the knee down because of my knee replacement. Weird to say but, I miss those days. After the pain went away and I no longer needed the walker-I didn’t need it for very long-it was kind of like a three month vacation.

Because my shift starts late I let myself sleep till almost noon. I needed it. I’m still exhausted over the death of Cammie and the death, two weeks later, of a could have been a relationship-one that probably would have been fun and even transformative. It’s a lot for me to process, as deeply as I tend to feel things. In fact, the two events have become entwined. On a lighter note, he’s missing some mind blowing sex. His loss.

Presently, I’m eating my breakfast, which involves coffee (well, duh) and I have a “Crossing Jordan,” rerun on the tube, on Smart TV. I often like to hear the sound of human voices in the distance whenever I’m writing. I can’t listen to music with vocals while writing. It’s too distracting-unless it’s classical.

I’m leaving for work at around 2:15. That will get me there early. Unless we’re struck my a meteor or there’s an accident on Semoran Boulevard (SR 436). It’s a busy road that pretty much goes up through South Orlando (by the airport) and into and through Altamonte Springs and a chunk of Seminole County.

Sprouts was pretty steady yesterday. I was right about the number of doctors frequenting the store. I guess many of them live in Winter Springs. It’s a town they would find appealing-expensive. LOL. It’s home to Rollins College, the alma mater of TV’s Mister Rogers and Paul McCartney’s current stepson.

I’m starting to feel more at ease at work. It’s always strange: new routines, rules, people,

Well, it’s 2:00 pm. I have to get dressed.

I got some fresh ground good coffee after work yesterday. This activity reminded me of working at Coffee People in Portland. Did this a lot there.

6 thoughts on “This is another quickie blog

  1. Late days are great but definitely not better than “mind-blowing sex”! LOL I hope that you’re having a great day and enjoying yourself to the fullest.

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    1. Thank you. I hope you are having a good day. I’m multitasking. Watching CBS Evening News, soaking my CPAP machine parts and working on two blogs. I’m also about to do a load of laundry and change the scented wax I melted in my wax warmer.


      1. You’re a busy beaver, always on the go. You’re an incredible multitasker, which definitely makes life a whole lot easier.


      1. That’s definitely a very good thing. I’ve never had any complaints either, I totally enjoy pleasing my partner and I do everything possible to make that happen.


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