At work on lunch

This has to be a quickie. I only get a half hour and I think I have twenty minutes left.

This is my second solo Saturday. So many new produce varieties and some things that were sold by item at Walmart are weighed here and Vice versa. Mostly things that were weighed are itemized here. So, there are different codes.

New things: Chinese eggplant, multiple types of daikon ( sounds like a Star Wars critter), lots of organic. So, I’m using the prefix number 9 way more than at Walmart. Nine is the code that means organic. Regular vine ripened are 4664; organic ones are 94664.

It’s pretty steady and customers are very nice-and patient. I’ve met a lot of folks who escaped from California. Most of them love it here. “But, no mountains?” They shrug.

A lot of reusable bags and I’ve remembered to give bag credits about 90% of the time. Go me!

I get off at 5 pm and work tomorrow at, err, better check.

It’s drizzling here. A good day to be home reading a book.

Oh well, I owe, I owe, off to Sprouts I go.

Employee breakroom and some freebies.

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