Hello President Biden and Vice President Harris

President Joseph R. Biden becomes #46 as his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, looks on and simultaneously becomes First Lady of the United States of America. 1/20/2021.
Newly sworn-in Vice President, Kamala Harris and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, our first Second Gentleman. 1/20/2021.

Ironically, today is the first day I ever uttered the phrase, “President Trump.”

For four (too many) years I only called him trump-all lower case. Childish? Perhaps but, it’s honest. I knew he would never, could never rise to deserve that title. He proved me right. I knew back in the 1980’s that he was a scoundrel. Almost every time he opened his yap he spewed a lie. Every time his followers did something despicable, which was often, they showed the world that he didn’t deserve that title.

“Oh my God, we have President Biden and no more president trump,” I bellowed in the kitchen as I poured another cup of coffee. Tears streamed down my cheeks and I let out the hugest sigh of relief I have in four years. I am so happy to have decency, intelligence, compassion, empathy and honesty back in power.

For those out there who claim that the federal government has little affect on the individuals residing under its umbrella, I will tell you that you are so wrong.

It shocks me that anyone could ever say such a thing. If I had married someone who turned out to be a trumper, I honestly would have divorced him. To support that individual, whether you claim to support his (imaginary, because he had zero) policies, to turn a blind eye to his well-documented racism, dishonesty, criminal behavior, misogyny, voluntary ignorance and opportunism, is a reflection of your own poor judgement, analytical abilities, morals, intelligence (yes!), voluntary ignorance and soul. I simply, honestly, could NOT be in any kind of pairing with such a person. If there were children involved, my dumping of such a person would happen more quickly as I would want my children to learn about principles and morals. I am extremely willing to compromise. Anyone who knows me knows that is true but, individuals such as trump are at the line I will not cross; I will not compromise on decency. At all. This is not to say I’ve never done anything indecent but, I will say that in the, thankfully, rare instances that I have, I recognized how wrong it was and punished myself with guilt. If you were raised Catholic, you will understand.

For four years our Twitterer-in-Chief negatively impacted my mental health and I met countless others who shared my sentiments. Many of those people were bi-polars, such as myself. Some were medicated some not-thankfully, most of those folks were bi-polar 2, rather than bi-polar 1, sufferers. I am extremely grateful I have the insurance that allows me to get three medications each month for $6.

Because my health insurance is through the Affordable Care Act, also known as, Obamacare, each day I awoke to the fear that my health insurance would be axed by trump and his Republican cronies. One of the beauties of the ACA is that if you leave your job you do not lose your insurance. Thus, you can avoid feeling trapped in a miserable job so that you can keep going to the doctor. I have lived that scenario and have seen parents of young children do the same. People should not be put in that situation; it’s one sure way to decrease life happiness.

As an environmentalist I was horrified by trump’s desecration of environmental protections and his cavalier movement of quitting the Paris Accord. His voluntary ignorance of science heightened my fears that the human destruction of the planet would plow forward like a bullet train. In his mind, like so many things he disagrees with, climate change is a, “hoax.”

Look at what his lack of scientific and medical knowledge has brought to the American populace as he allowed the Coronavirus to blossom across our nation. He flat out did not and does not care. As of this writing, over 400,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Some hoax.

Countless mental health professionals attested to trump’s personality disorder(s). It took a couple of years for a brave few to admit that, at the very least, he had narcissistic personality disorder. He’s also been called sociopathic and psychopathic. The truth is he probably has a mixture of all of these disorders.

Shouldn’t this elicit sympathy for him? Perhaps, some but, I cannot dredge up one minuscule of such sentiments. And, I say this as a person who has a BA in psychology and two years experience as a volunteer suicide and crisis counselor. Maybe it’s that experience as a counselor that diminishes the chance I could have sympathy for trump. As a counselor I talked with people who needed help and asked for it. trump simply is incapable of consciously recognizing that he has an illness. To me having sympathy for him is tantamount to handing him an excuse. I suppose I am in the camp that does believe some people are born evil. No need to invent demons ; evil walks in human form.

Thankfully, I recognize that angels also walk in human form. So, all is not lost.

I won’t say the Biden-Harris Administration is composed completely of angels but, by God, what an 180 degree improvement . I feel so much more hopeful than I did on that inauguration that happened four years ago.


I am pausing the construction of this blog right here for tonight. Unfortunately, I have to get up for work at 5:30 am and it is 8:50 pm. I so want to have money to live on while I build a writing career. So, check back to this space tomorrow and Friday. It should be done by Friday. I just feel I should publish it to express what I know a lot of us are thinking and feeling.

3 thoughts on “Hello President Biden and Vice President Harris

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on all of this. I’m sure that you helped many in the process and many related to your words. I’ve never seen such a polarizing individual as Trump before in my lifetime, there seemed to be very little people who could honestly say they resided right in the middle, many either love him blindly or hated him with a passion. I’m just hoping for a better future for us all.

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    1. No problem. As I wrote on the bottom of the blog, it’s unfinished. I had to stop writing so I could wind down and go to sleep cause I had to get up at 5:30am. Writing gives me a buzz unless it’s extremely personal. Then I become exhausted after getting it all out. So, I stopped where it ended and then I didn’t get any sleep bc my brain would not shut off. Gawd, I want to be my own boss and make a living doing this. I just need/want some seed money to start that up. C’mon Mega Millions huge jackpot. I could do a lot of good for a lot of causes with that money!!!


      1. I completely understand what you mean, I too wish I could do this for a living. I’m sorry to hear that you had a restless night, that’s definitely not a good thing. I hope that you’re having a great day, all things considered, and that all your dreams come true.

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