Another milestone

On the day that was supposed to be my last day at Walmart, I cut up my employee discount card. It was just another step in making life sweeter. Just another step in ending a relationship that I want to end-actually, there was one more step in that process. Read further down.

One thing I have learned in the four shifts I’ve worked at Sprouts is that my job at Walmart was a huge source of stress and demoralization. Later on, when I’ve put more distance between myself and my ex-job, I will write about a huge attempt at intimidating me that was demoralizing in the sense that I realized I hadn’t taken enough steps to become untethered from that company.

I will only shop there under duress.

Slight duress is what I am experiencing currently. I lost five full shifts I was planning on working so, I’m a little concerned about spending extra money. Nonetheless, I needed something for my new job so, I allowed myself one more trip into my former workplace. Because the dress code at my new job has less wiggle room-really odd, considering that Sprouts is, err, more left-wing.

I needed another pair of work pants. When I first read the information on the new dress code I thought jeggings were not allowed. I’ve learned otherwise since. In March and April I had to resort to buying some Jeggings for my Walmart job after my knee surgery leave of absence ended a week before Coronavirus craziness began. Fitting rooms closed and are still closed. I cannot buy regular pants without trying them on. I have longish legs and women’s pants are almost always way too short so, I end up buying men’s jeans. They are made with longer legs because, you know, there are no short men in this world.

Being built the way I am gave me contempt for the fashion industry back when I was in seventh grade. My mom took me shopping for school clothes every August and each pair of pants I tried on were, “high waters.” Mom, who was 5’3”, would roll her eyes at the sales clerk and ask (I’m paraphrasing), “Aren’t models all long-legged? Do they think that females are divided into two groups: models and short people?” Then we would leave that store and stroll down the passage at Tyrone Square Mall in St. Pete to the 579 store where I usually found a couple of size 1’s for long legged girls.

Flash forward to now. I was in a hurry because I work at 8:30 am tomorrow and I wasn’t in the mood to go shopping. Jeggings really don’t require try-ons. You can pretty much guess. I guessed successfully three times last Spring but, it turns out, now, two of the colors might not be allowed. Thus, I trudged into my old employer to quickly purchase a new pair of work pants. I also planned on giving any of my former bosses the cold stare, if I encountered them. I didn’t, which was kind of disappointing. By the way, for a fuller explanation of why I am supremely disappointed with my former employer, read my January 6th blog, “Not heartbroken…so nice of them to tell me.”

I also bought a new wrist wrap because my carpal tunnel has gotten worse and I will be using my wrist a lot ringing groceries. I’m grateful it’s not debilitating and I’m astonished it’s taken 40 years to even appear in my life considering that every job I’ve ever held has involved using my hands. When I lived in Portland, I was convinced banging the espresso machine portafilter on the knock box was going to murder my wrist. I had no issues, however. I was lucky.

With Walmart in my rear view mirror, I am looking forward to and am excited to have this new relationship with an entity that I intuitively feel is much more in line with my spirit and soul and is, therefore, healthier physically as well as psychologically.

The vibe is just happier.

My deceased discount card. I wonder if they spy on former employees. Hi HR Manager!

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