Yep, this was predictable

I’m watching a President-elect doing trump’s job. BIDEN is addressing our country.

The view from my TV. NBC Orlando, Florida affiliate, WESH Channel 2.

Facebook gave me a hard time over a post. This is it.

Ooh, was it, “….white trash scumbags,”???? I’m calling it as it as I see it. I simply cannot have sympathy for these people. I just can’t. They are in the, “Voluntarily Stupid,” group.

The following photos I took off my TV.

trump was just on, via Twitter video, NOT condemning this violence. But, merely asking them to, “…go home…” He opened his statement by telling his fans that the election was stolen. He was talking out of both sides of his mouth, to paraphrase an NBC reporter. He told his fans that he loves them. This is shocking and unbelievable that these rioters were allowed to get this far.

Inciter in Chief.

My ex-husband thinks the Capitol Police let them in because they are probably trump supporters. I agree with him. Totally. My ex, Brian, is a very well-read political animal. He is probably exactly correct.

NBC just reporting (4:35 pm ET) that the FBI SWAT Team has been deployed. I believe the reporter said that they are sweeping the Capitol Building. This is probably why. All these people in these photos are trumpers.

DC cops reaching the Capitol while CBS’s Norah O’Donnell interviews SenatorTammy Duckworth, wounded member of the military, who lost both her legs in war. I have to double check whether it’s Iraq or Afghanistan.

Duckworth just blamed trump for this. She is exactly right.

It is 4:54 pm ET. This is an ongoing blog.

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