Not heartbroken….so nice of them to tell me

It’s 6:42 am ET in the US. I fully intended to work out my notice period at Walmart. My last shift was to be January 11th.

At 5:52 am I awoke. I needed to tinkle. I sat up in bed and prepared to go to the bathroom. I glanced at my phone and remembered the Georgia runoff elections. I put on my glasses to check in with CNN and HuffPost. I was relieved by the news that Warnock had won and that Ossoff was slightly ahead.

Then I noticed a message sent to me in my Me @ Walmart account. I opened the app thinking that someone had sent a swap shift message. Nope, my remaining shifts had been removed. My bosses never tried to contact me otherwise. Typical. Glad I only work for Sprout’s now.

This shift removal occurred sometime between 11pm and 5:52am. I know because I double checked when my shift for today was to commence. I wanted to make sure I set my alarm for the right time.

I can delete those pesky apps.


I guess I can go back to sleep and not bother arising at 8:00 for my 10 am shift.

Such a classy move by a classy company. Reminds me of another, “message,” I received from someone else on January 1st.


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