New year & new employer

On Monday I received my employment confirmation e-mail from Sprout’s Farmer’s Market. It also included my hourly wage which will be significantly higher than what Walmart pays me now. I might not get as many hours but, I have a plan to fill the gaps. I gave my notice to Walmart and my last day should be 1/11/2021, unless they find a reason to axe me or I find a reason to leave earlier.

This is my resignation letter. I wrote it on my lunch Monday. I put my pen over the names of the four managers who run the Front End.

A former Walmart co-worker was extremely instrumental in helping me get hired. She bragged about me a lot. The manager interviewing me seemed to be leaning toward making me happy enough for me to consider climbing the ladder.

Climbing the ladder at Walmart was never anything I wanted to do. Honestly, it was supposed to be my temporary job but, it ended up being not horrible so, I stayed.

Things have changed to make me want to leave and I began trying to do so during the Summer. It would have been earlier but, this Covid year has made everything uncertain.

Sprout’s, for those who don’t know, is similar to Whole Foods but, I think less expensive. I feel much more at home in this organic grocery environment. It speaks to the hippie part of my soul. It is the kind of retail enterprise I am excited to learn about, in much the same way that I felt about the retail coffee business.

I’m unsure if it is going to be all rainbows and sweetness but, I know I will enjoy it better than what I have now. My job will probably start the second week of January. I’m looking forward to big changes and big improvements.

Next on the agenda is a new safe, clean, pest-free, ghost-free (fodder for another blog) home-one in which I will be happy and proud to live.

I will always be amused and pleased that Walmart manager D. gave me the nickname, Pamalam. It’s cute. I liked it right away. I am pretty sure that’s how she greeted me at the podium (Front End workstation near our office) when I got my first solo shift deployment.

Im not sure where this store is. The image is from the internet. The company is headquartered in Arizona.

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