Louisiana does not need this BOGO

This is a really scary buy one get one.

Evacuations are underway in coastal Louisiana in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Laura. Laura is expected to hit as a category 3. That’s approaching major status. Laura was first thought to remain a category 1 when it made landfall.

I’ve been really lucky to have never had to evacuate for a hurricane, not once in the 48 years I’ve lived in Florida. Not once in the approximately 12-14 named storms I’ve lived through have I ever had a tree land on one of my vehicles or domiciles. I’ve never lost a loved one or even personally known anyone who was injured during a storm.

I did almost have my 2000 VW Beetle get creamed by a flying patio umbrella when I lived through Hurricane Charley in Daytona Beach. It was eight months into my marital separation in 2004. It might have been a good symbol of that entire year. It was scary watching that huge umbrella veer toward my VW. I can only imagine what it feels like to lose everything or anyone to a natural disaster.

I am hoping and praying everyone comes through the storm safely.

From the 6:30 pm broadcast of WKMG Channel News tonight 8/25/2020. That’s a sliver of Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells on the left.
The projected path of Hurricane Laura. Image is from WKMG’s Hurricane app on Tuesday 8/25/2020.

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