Silly work pictures

Various inspiring images from my job at Walmart #5894 in stunningly beautiful Oviedo, Florida. Photos taken at random times and dates. All photos taken by moi.

I’ve always known shopping carts were herd animals.

Corralled carts awaiting branding.
Oops, one escaped.
These last two got loose, too.
This one went really rogue and got as far at the building next door.
Recently, I awaited my deployment at the podium and helped Vickie while she was on register 12, in smoke shop. A guy customer asked, “I’ll take a pack of Zig Zags.” I went into action and brought it back, “Look, I remembered something from the ‘70’s.” They thought I was being funny.
The keys on register 1 are not so cleverly labeled.
Yep, the division between in and out is still up in honor of COVID-19. The guys who first erected it back in March told me it was for my new knee so, I could now practice hurdling. It’s so nice to be loved.
My return bucket on register 12 sending me a suggestion to nap.
So, I tried to take the hint and bought the magazine. Alas, there were no articles on covert napping while operating a cash register. Dern. So, I had to purchase and drink a caffeinated beverage.
I seriously need to order a new Walmart Employee discount card.
Prepared list of tax exempt school supply items for Florida’s annual Back to School Tax Holiday. It is invaluable for use when dealing with customers trying to claim cigarettes and beer are school supplies.
Yes, it’s the new normal. This is a frequently disregarded sign. Why do we bother?
Honey mangoes 🥭 in our produce department. I think they look like the alien eggs in that nest in the movie, “Alien.”
The damn UPC labels on those bags of Mandarin oranges suck so bad sometimes a photo of them won’t even scan. A fellow cashier got a bag with readable numbers. I copied them down so, I won’t have to have someone run and get a number or a price. Those labels are so annoying.
Sometimes my co-workers are the idiots. Two of our recycling bins in our breakroom. The maintenance crew has to deal with this crap. It makes me angry. Their jobs are nasty enough.
Wait, isn’t this EVERY DAY??? Why limit yourself? New t-shirt for sale in our store.
Each Summer we collect donations for Children’s Miracle Network. I love collecting for them. We have a contest. I came in third. Those are my donation slips on a particular day in July.
Yes, I support LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 rights!

We love it when customers change their minds and just leave their rejected items anywhere.

Rejected stuff ends up here, in bins at Customer Service, whether customers are brave enough to say to the cashier, “I’m sorry, I changed my mind on these items,” or just dump them anywhere. We really DO appreciate it when customers give their rejects to us. So many people don’t. It’s a mystery as to why.

Olaf went out drinkin’. Or, no, someone just dropped him here. I can’t wait till Christmas.

My accidental selfie.

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