Publix is evil edition #408

Time for another installment of Publix being evil.

A few days ago I stopped at my local Winter Springs Town Center Publix store on the way home from work. I needed to get some of the evil mustard sauce for some shrimp I was going to have for dinner. Publix is the only store I’ve ever seen it in. I’ve become addicted. I eat it with all kinds of seafood and, I love almost anything caught in water, including oysters. Yes, I eat them raw. But, I swear, I haven’t had any since I quit Skipper’s and moved to Portland in 1992.

So, what happened? BOGO’s happened. My one-item-purchase mushroomed. I bought Mott’s Apple Juice and organic blackberries, both on BOGO.

Then the Noosa yogurt mesmerized me again so, I tossed a couple into my cart, which I had to walk back to the front of the store for after I discovered the Mott’s sale. Then, I “accidentally,” strolled down the candy aisle, in the correct direction- that part was probably accidental too. Damn, Lindt bars on sale for two for five bucks. Well, it would be absolute blasphemy to ignore that. I mean, considering the Mayas gave us chocolate and I’m sure there was some sort of ritual involved. I got five bucks worth.

I remained relatively restrained, given that I was at the end of my paycheck. As I waited in line I saw the sale on Mountain Dew and scowled. I don’t like soda unless it’s expensive and unusually flavored, such as blueberry or key lime.

When I’m not drinking coffee I’m usually having adult grape juice (vino), water or watered down fruit juice. I water it down cause I don’t want to consume so much sugar. I need to budget my calories for chocolate, which is really a vegetable because it comes from a bean. I guess that logic makes coffee a vegetable juice. Cool.

My Publix purchases.
Nasty soda sale.

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