I was taking a break

Just a quickie, I took a small break from social media this past week. I mostly stayed away from Facebook. I did poke around Pinterest since I made my app operational. I had to delete it to install Uber so I could get to my knee surgery last December. Because hacker/spoofer/cyber stalker (HSC) remotely installed his little spy apps into my ex-phone, I couldn’t get Pinterest reinstalled. Five months passed before I realized what happened. Who expects that an obsessive possible romantic attachment is still obsessed after ten years of not being aware he’s around?

I’m glad I got this new phone and I have the freedom to play around in the App Store. Pinterest is such a blast🤪. There is so much humor there. Plus, there are lots of recipes. Goofing off in Pinterest World has lightened the load of rearranging my life.

I’ve been dealing with some emotional stuff and trying to maneuver my life back onto the path I fell off of in 2007. I miss academia. I miss writing research papers. I miss researching research papers. I seriously have to find a way to finance my last four classes. A few of them graduate level-at $1400 each. Those prices make me miss the 80’s. I remember earning enough tips over a week and a half to pay for the semester’s tuition and books.

I bet those four classes will probably mushroom into six or seven or eight. Choosing classes for me is the same as an eight year old being loose in a toy store. My dad used to say my major was electives. That was my second or third major, after psych and mass comm (USF’s journalism). Then, of course, there was my almost minor in photojournalism.

I just love school. I don’t just love the learning. I love the classroom debates. They are kind of common in the social sciences, which have some nebulous components. I love the vibes and energy the swirls through a college campus. I love the smell of the library. I love the classroom experiences and to be with like minded humans. That doesn’t happen so much working in retail. Although, my now retired parapsychology professor from UCF shops in my Walmart. We always end up talking politics when he comes in and no one is around. We have fun laughing and crying over the mess that emanates from DC.

So, I’ve been busy plotting and planning and I have a couple of blog ideas brewing and a free Tuesday. Hopefully, I can return and write a blog or two. I’m still doing research on the cyberstalking blog(s) I want to do and I’m still getting fake friend invitations on Facebook from my HSC. One of his recent characters actually used his real surname. I howled. Yeah, as if I didn’t know it was from him. I vow to not mention him but, then I have to vent. Besides it’s surreal and hilarious. And, he won’t get what wants.

It’s late here in Florida- going on 2 am. I wish I didn’t have to go into that job. I wish writing was my job.

I hope abundance, school, a happy home and a healthy romantic relationship are in the cards for me. Hmm, The Star and the Ace of Cups look promising. These are cards from my Waite-Ridder deck. Drawings originally done by Pamela Coleman-Smith.

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