Portland’s Naked Athena

As some of you know, Portland, Oregon, is under siege from a mysterious army of Homeland Security troops sent in by Trump. Apparently, Trump is pissed about some pesky graffiti on the federal courthouse downtown.

I haven’t been very political on here but, this will probably change because our country is a mess.

I used to live in that beautiful city. True, I got homesick for the Sunshine State and Brian and I returned home. I vacillate on the wisdom of that decision everyday. Of course, I hadn’t been diagnosed with Bipolar 2. If I had, who knows, I may still be out there.

If I were, I would be with those protesters. I had, “Inside Edition,” on as background noise while I tried to fix my rejected 2019 tax returns. That is how I learned about Portland’s Naked Athena.

She’s a young lady who stripped down to her birthday suit, walked into the fray and approached Trump’s troops in a show of vulnerability and peace. She dared them to perceive a her as a threat. Locals gave her the moniker of, “Naked Athena.”

I applaud her. True, she could be another bipolar twenty something seeking her 15 minutes of fame but, I don’t care. She made a point.

Here are pix I grabbed from my TV. All are from our local Orlando CBS station, WKMG Channel 6. Tonight’s broadcast: Tuesday 7/21/2020.

P.S. As much as I miss the Pacific Northwest I am glad I returned home. It put a lot of things into perspective and I met some amazing people I am lucky to call friends. And, higher education is a lot cheaper in Florida. Still, I want to return for a trial run. I miss Autumn out there and the amazing coffee…and Powell’s.

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