Cyber spying continues

This is becoming exhausting. Today I learned from four of my Facebook friends that they received messages via Facebook messenger “from” me. The problem is that I don’t have it set up in my Facebook account. I’ve been holding out as it seems that it might be yet another doorway my hacker can get in.

I know who is doing this but, as I wrote in an earlier blog, I can’t prove it and tracking down an IP address will probably lead to multiple computers none of which can be traced directly to him.

Over the past month I’ve had three new phone numbers because of this doofus. This last number seemed to do the trick. I cautiously began to believe he’d become bored with his game. However, I discovered a few days ago that he created yet another fake Facebook profile. This time he contacted me via leaving a comment on a photo of waterfalls in Oregon that I’d posted. I was immediately suspicious and went to his profile page. There were a couple of red flags: no friends and a claim he graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, which has the main and original campus in Daytona Beach. My spy knows about my Daytona connection. I have nothing on my FB page that indicates this. My spy always drops little hints as to his real identity whenever he sends me fakes. This is how it was when I had a profile on the now defunct Yahoo dating site. Boy, he was passively pissed when he found my profile there.

That was back in the days when I still had interaction with him in the 3D world. I still gave him the benefit of the doubt back then and once again, there was no real way to prove he was the culprit.

One of my best friends, who was witness to all of Spy/Spoofers antics when we were roommates, began receiving her own spoof calls-some “from” the same numbers I was spoofed with. Again, the exceptionally passive hint of, “It’s me. I’m baaack and more obsessed than ever.”

This was confirmation that he had indeed hacked my phone and perused my contact list. And, of course, my text messages. So, he knows my dating status, which is non-existent, at the moment. That’s probably good as he gains no information there. Also, I’m now questioning his degree of anger. And, the question of safety. Because, if he’s hacked my phone, he knows where I work and live. I’m sure he’s driven by my home.

I’m researching how all this cyber spying can happen. Most of the articles are horribly written by people who obviously have a native language other than English. So, reading them is a chore and making logical connections is difficult especially when the information is contradictory. Most say that someone cannot remotely install a spy app into an Android phone. That the spy has to physically have the phone for just moments. I know this is bull. Often the same article describes how you can do this if you go to certain websites and get their software to do it.

Many of these same articles say that you can remotely install spy apps into iPhones if you have the phone number and iCloud information.

I’m trying to wade through all this and research what really is possible and what is not. I may head to one of the tech outlets and interview someone in person. I want to help people avoid pests like the one I have.

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