New Blog Under Construction

I finally started writing the blog about my knee surgery experience from surgery date moving onward, including the last visit with my orthopedic surgeon this last Wednesday March 25th when he gave me a printout of the dictation of the surgery procedure. I couldn’t read past, “oscillating saw.” It gave me the willies. I had a stronger stomach when I was a kid. Of course, the description was not as creepy as the photos of maggot masses my forensic archaeology professor at UCF, Dr. John Schultz, displayed for my class in a Power Point presentation.  Those were truly disgusting.

Right now my blog is at a wall. I wanted to finish it tonight but, it’s going to be long. Entertaining but long, I promise. I’m happy with how it is going but, I’m at a fork in the road. This fork has five tines. My cat thought she would help by taking a shortcut to the sofa via my computer’s keyboard. She’s a poor speller and her grammar is unspeakable (pun intended). If I were her writing professor, I’d give her an, F. Actually, if I’d gone to grad school like I was supposed to and been a TA there would be a lot of students bombing their essay questions. Everytime I hear someone say, “I shoulda went…”  or, “I was gonna get less apples…” I want to scream. Respectively, it’s, “gone,” and, “fewer,” people!

So, this quandary of staying up and finishing my labor of love or going to bed at a decent hour to tolerate my meaningless but necessary job has me wishing for a moderate lottery jackpot. I will take a Fantasy 5 jackpot. It’s not millions but, it would give me cashola to live on while I write my tookus off. I only got about three hours of sleep THIS MORNING thanks to the sinus headache from hell so, I will tear myself away from, “Perry Mason,” and this little bloggie to go shower and head to bed.

Maybe the Florida Lottery Fairy will leave me a present under my pillow. Alas, my experience with these fairies is that they are not very dependable.


I bought this ticket on my birthday (2/19/2020) and matched three numbers (3, 22 and 26) for 22 whole bucks. Better than nothing and definitely better than the hairball my cat gave me.

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