If Only This Were About Corona Beer

I’ve been home for two days. I don’t know what happened but, I did not get scheduled for this week, which began yesterday and ends on Friday. It might have to do with my asking for Tuesday and Wednesday off for medical appointments. I did get scheduled for the next two weeks. So, I’m kind of mystified. I haven’t seen either of my managers in about five days. I could probably get some shifts if I asked. My boss, Danielle, said she was happy to have me back. I am kind of in a go with the flow mood. With all this coronavirus madness I kind of feel like I should just stay home and write. Also, I’m in a high risk industry. I don’t want to be bringing this virus into the rehabilitation center or into my dermatologist’s or orthopedic’s offices. Factoring in that my roommate, who works where I do and wants to be called, Rose, on here, is immuno-compromised five different ways, well, that ups my chances of getting sick. Oh the joy.

Yesterday I braved a trip to to Publix. I went to the closest one, which is about two miles down the road. I wore Nitrile  gloves and that N-95 mask a customer gave me on Friday. I could barely breathe through the mask and I felt a little guilty wearing it knowing there is a shortage of them in the medical field.

I needed to replace Rose’s Magnum ice cream bars because I ate the last one and, praise God, they were on BOGO. I also found a can of green beans for Rose. She had texted me and said that Walmart was out. Publix had two cans. The canned vegetable aisle was not as naked as the toilet paper aisle. Still, it’s all ridiculous and surreal.

I hope and pray this thing runs its course pretty quickly. I know people who are hurting financially who can’t afford this, not to mention the people who are physically hurting or dying.


I guess everyone wants Italian food. Personally, I’m partial to Indian and Thai. Publix (#62) Winter Springs, Florida 3/21/2020.


What? There is cheese left? Same Publix 3/21/2020.


Yep, Italian cravings. Same Publix 3/21/2020.


Dairy anyone? Same Publix 3/21/2020.


Toilet paper aisle. I guess we will be deforesting the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Georgia just so we can wipe our naughty bits. Same Publix 3/21/2020.


Toilet paper aisle. This notice says it all. Same Publix 3/21/2020

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