A Quickie Update

Writing on here has been heavily on my mind. I’ve been a deep immobilizing depression but, have been trying to convince myself that my life is never going to improve if I do not act. Cognition is not my problem; emotion is my problem.

Currently, I am in the breakroom at work. I had to get here two hours early. I still do not own a vehicle. That is on the verge of changing-if I can find affordable insurance. That search hasn’t been going well. I’ve checked with my old insurance company-State Farm and with Geico, Progressive, Liberty, AARP (the most expensive quote) and Allstate, which could not give me a quote, “at this time.” I think that’s because when the site asked about my current insurance I had to choose, “other,” because, “I cancelled my policy because I flooded the electrical system on my car and had to junk it,” was not an option. But, I am still looking.

This has to be a fast post because my shift starts in about 15 minutes. Quickly: I had my skin cancer surgeries. Both successful. Whew! Now, I’m working on the knee. The knee needs to be replaced. I have to do three weeks of physical therapy first (insurance companies are picky) and then some blood work and schedule the procedure. My doctor schedules about 4-6 weeks out. I’m thinking it will get done in July or August. And, of course, I have to pray for a financial miracle because I have no idea what I will live on during the 6-12 week recovery period. But, it’s getting done. I’m going hiking. In Oregon. And, I’m too damn young to be limping around in pain all the time.

Oh joy, time to face the retail world.


I honestly cannot remember if this is the North Oregon Coast or Southern Washington Coast. I took this photo in the 90’S. I’d rather be going here than to a cash register.oregonastoriamay1994pamspic166

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