Today is one of those days…..one of those days that I feel paralyzed by the thoughts and ideas for blogs. I don’t suffer from writer’s block. I suffer from the opposite condition. I have so many ideas in my head they are stuck. My mind is a full ketchup bottle. It’s brand new and no amount of pounding will dislodge the ketchup.

It’s ironic that I would conceptualize my creativity as a full ketchup bottle considering that I believe ketchup to be an abomination. It’s the only way I won’t eat a tomato. I guess that makes me a socialist.

So, here I sit in the breakroom of my work place letting the ketchup bottle stifle me. I don’t have much time before my Noon-to-eight pm shift begins. I got a ride into work with my roommate who started work at ten am. I fiddled on Pinterest (I could be on that for days), perused Huffpost and drooled over Portland, Oregon real estate while knowing I should write something.

I have my first skin surgery in five days. I’m nervous and hate the site of blood. I hope it won’t be too painful. As of today I cannot take any NSAID pain relievers because of how they thin the blood. I have a bad knee that I just received my first cortisone shot for. It is going to be a rough five days.

I am also still reeling over officially not having a car. I had to unload it Monday of last week-same day as my cortisone shot. It was going to be towed by code enforcement. I had to make a decision. It was my destroyed electrical system and was going to be so expensive. I kept hoping for a miracle of some kind. At least it is not sitting in front of my apartment depressing me.


This is where I would rather be right now….rambling down the road….experiencing new places. I took this photo through the windshield of our rented Penske truck on our move from Oregon to Florida. This is on I-10 heading east. 1999.

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