Still waiting on the Volkswagen Fairy

It’s another Monday. Another wait to start my shift at Wally World. Another ride into work early with my roommate because my car is still broken. I think my mechanic is still in Jamaica. This has gotten so old. Over three months.

I seriously have to make some life changes. I need to write more and find ways to give myself the joy that will help me open up some opportunities. I’ve found that when I am working on things I love and when I am on the path I want to be on that the Universe sends me good luck and good things.

I have to keep writing, even if I am not real happy with what I am writing. I have to keep going-moving forward.  I want to break the cycle of meaningless-but-necessary jobs. Working paycheck to paycheck is not a fun way to live. I know millions of people can relate to that. There is almost no time to do the things that I love. The few (usually two) days I have off are slated for household chores. In my case I sleep a lot. Depression. It runs in my family. Actually, I have bipolar two disorder. I am medicated. I like my pills. If it weren’t for them I’d feel worse. Also, I am lucky it’s bipolar two and not one. Bipolar one can look like schizophrenia. No hallucinations here. Thank you very much.

Even in my fifties I still have not abandoned my dream of earning a living doing something that I love. I have an idea for a couple of online businesses I want to have: bumper stickers and candles. I used to make candles when I was a kid. My mom, the bipolar gene donor, used to jovially complain that I was ruining all her good pots. I loved making a mess in her kitchen. As for the stickers, I have pages of slogans I have written. Most of them goofy. Some of them political. Hint: I despise that orange thing in office right now. What I need now is some cash to start these things and maybe get a decent used car. A Volkswagen because that fairy is undependable.


This is a street in Key West near the hotel I stayed in in June 2005. I took the photo. Yeah, I like the color blue. It would look good on my new Tiguan. Are you listening VW Fairy?

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