Random bitching during lunch

Please note: this all in bitchy angry fun as we all have things that drive us nuts, and for some of us, that’s a short drive.

I want one of those cool Sprout’s knit caps. I need to have an Administrative Coordinator stick the four bucks on my paycheck.

Ok, that’s not really a bitch. So, I’ll bitch that THAT wasn’t a bitch.

I hate when customers just plop their shopping baskets on my register belt and don’t empty them. It’s rude. It slows things down. It’s stupid.

I hate that we are open on Thanksgiving. I’m glad we get time and a half. And, I’m glad Adam (not his real name), our Assistant Manager is opening and closing (we close at 2), cause he’s a riot, and great at his job, and he hates Walmart, and he will probably bring us treats. Everyone loves working with him. But, I’m still not happy that we are open. Walmart is closed, for God’s sakes.

I have to get a battery for Poyndexter’s key. So, I have to stop at Walmart. I hate that. Also, kinda pissed cause I had my VW Beetle for 14 years and never needed to buy a replacement battery. Errgh.

I hate it when people think just cause I live in Florida I love the Sun or the heat, or both. We are currently having Portland, Oregon’s drizzle, and I love it. Customers start complaining about the weather and I’ll say, “Oh, I love it.” Then they will reply, “Well, I was raised here.” “So, was I, that’s why I hate the heat and think sunshine is overrated.”

Another note: I used to be vegetarian, but I’m too hypoglycemic to maintain that as a steady diet. I seriously do not understand the logic of being vegetarian because of trying to be healthy while also eating fake food. Most vegetarians are such because of a love and respect for animals and Earth. I commend that.

I hate it when vegetarians or vegans think they are better than meat eaters. I’d like to point out that the plant based, “meat,” is a desperate attempt to make plants taste like the animals they won’t eat. Thus, they are eating something highly processed that’s probably less healthy than the chicken or scallops they won’t eat. Why try to make fruit or veggies be something they are not?

Ditto for those people who insist on using fake coffee, “creamers,” cause they won’t drink milk that comes from a cow, or a goat. Really? You want to drink chemicals?

I hate it when people want their stuff double bagged. I hate when they don’t bring their own bags. I hate it when they complain about the plastic bags being flimsy when, duh, there’s a better choice: CLOTH!

I hate it when customers do their shopping at the cash register.

I hate it when customers insist that the price is wrong when it’s not.

I hate it when groceries don’t scan because someone from the store didn’t put that code into the computer.

I hate that my lunch is about to end and I’m not done bitching.

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