Some thoughts while I try to tame a migraine

The light isn’t bothering me the way it was very early this morning. After I called out I couldn’t even fall back asleep until I flipped over onto my right side so that I was facing away from my window. I try to avoid sleeping on my right side cause that’s the messed up rotator cuff side.

I finally forced myself to go eat. I felt I could tolerate popcorn. So, I microwaved a bag. After I ate that, I realized I could eat some more. So, I ate a handful of Bing cherries,

I have the remainder of a rotisserie chicken left in the fridge. It’s all white meat, which is not my favorite, so I make chicken salad with it. I was going to get some red grapes and pecans to put into the chicken salad at work today, but this migraine invaded. I just do not feel like climbing into Poyndexter to drive to Publix. That’s kind of sad cause today marks two months of owning my 2017 Nissan Rogue. Oh well, I’ll cut off bits of the breast meat to add to a can of Progresso chicken and rice soup for dinner later.

I know the genesis of this migraine: stress. The increased financial responsibilities, and getting people to cooperate with giving me utility money on time has been a little problematic. I just can’t cover until they can get it out of their accounts. There’s the stress of living with an irresponsible COVID -infected person I share a bathroom with; I just knew she’d do something stupid. She did. I had to deal with her nasty excrement on Saturday night. I wrote about that two posts ago. Thus, you can see why my stress would increase. I could have very much been exposed to infection, but knock on wood, I don’t have COVID symptoms. I’m going to get tested as soon as I can. I have to check my schedule.

Rose did get her COVID test today. I’m really surprised she did. She has a habit of saying she’s going to do something and then not doing it. Results could take two days.

I’m also stressed over my medical issues. Because of Rose’s COVID status, I had to move my DIAGNOSTIC mammogram by two weeks to August 1st. “Diagnostic,” means they found something. Today, I learned the facility needed me to move it yet again. Now, it’s scheduled for a day in a week I have no work schedule for. So, I was flying blind accepting an appointment for August 10th. I took it because, now, this procedure has been postponed about a month. I’m not sure how that will affect the work schedule.

I just know I’m pissed about all the appointment moving.

I did manage to get an appointment with a new gastroenterologist. I’m back to having to wait till September to get a colonoscopy, but these people sound as if they have their shit together office-wise. Plus, this new doc is a DO, rather than an MD, and I can go to the Oviedo office. The Centers for Digestive Health facility is near downtown Orlando, and it’s a haul. This Oviedo office is probably eight miles from home.

I had to call my primary’s office and leave a message for them to fax an authorization to this new guy. My first appointment is a consultation. Then, we settle on when I get my colonoscopy.

I work 9-4 tomorrow. I’ll have to work, even if my headache isn’t all gone. I have sick hours to cover today’s list shift, but not enough to cover tomorrow. I’m off Saturday and I’ll be going to the gym.

Planet Fitness on SR 434 in Winter Springs.

I’m trying hard to build a workout routine. I want to get back into shape. Not exercising has gone on way too long. I feel as though it’s taken years off my life.

I increased some weights yesterday. I had to decrease weight on the leg press. My right knee wasn’t cooperating. I hate that because it is one of my favorite machines. I think I’m going to have to start using the prone leg extension and calf raises machine instead.

It seems kind of weird to be back in a gym, but I’m getting to feel more comfortable there. I keep reminiscing about when I first started working out in gyms. I joined Mademoiselle Spa for my 30th birthday. I’m pretty sure the monthly fee was $40. That’s kind of high for the 90’s, but I was waiting tables and made more money than I make now. It was so much easier to get a workout routine going, and of course, I had more energy. It only took a couple of months to tone up. Ahh, those were the days.

In the 90’s such signs were not even needed. We had no clue what was about to happen over the next 10 years.

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