In a very sour mood

I’m at work, on a 15. I’m sick of people. I’m sick of Florida. I want a break. If I had the money, I’d drive north, take left at the Big Bend and take I-10 west till I see the Pacific Ocean. I’d stay on the West Coast for at least two months.

The latest thing that set me off were two ladies, regulars, who i formerly thought of as nice. One asked, “Are they ever gonna take these down?” She was referring to the plexiglass. I said, “I don’t know. Probably not for awhile. I hope they don’t we’re supposed to get hit with another wave.” The other chimed in with, “Oh, it’s all fake anyway.” “Oh really, I just had a friend die if it,”

I wasn’t lying; see previous post from a couple of weeks ago.

I’m just really sick of stupid people.

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