Starting to sprinkle

I’m plowing through my list of chores—see pic in a recent post.

My plants need work. They look better than yesterday. That was one of my chores. I trimmed off the nasty stuff, found some white spots, so I Neem oiled them last evening. I also gave the roses a dose of epsom salt infused water, for some magnesium.

It’s been a few moments since I typed that sentence and it’s plain ole raining now. I was momentarily distracted and kind of panicked by the huge flatbed tow truck that pulled into our street. It looks to be the kind that does repossessions. The thought: didn’t they get my payment? flashed through my brain. Yeah, I’m paranoid. The tow truck pulled into the rear parking lot of the buildings across the street. I hear it’s gears going; the driver is loading someone’s vehicle. I’m going to be gossipy and see which one it is.

Simultaneous sunshine and showers. Welcome to Florida.

BREAKING NEWS: it was an early 2000’s Honda SUV of some flavor. No tag. Yep, bet it was a repo; they can’t keep your tag. This neighborhood is rife with repo potential.

I’m still trying to get an appointment with Dr. Cohn, who is supposed to be my new ophthalmologist. They were on vacation until 7/5, so I’ve been trying off and one since then to get an exam scheduled. I’ve called during open business hours and get no human answer, just the greeting saying they are closed either for lunch or for the day. I’m beginning to think they got abducted by aliens.

When Dr. Lauridsen (primary) gave me the referral, she said, “”I’m sending you to Dr. Cohn (pronounced cone)…” I interrupted with, “Haaa, is his first name, Rod?” She laughed cause she got my stupid joke. Rods and cones are the cells that compose the eyes’ perception mechanisms. I couldn’t resist a bad joke. I blame my dad.

I got two loads of laundry going, called two other doctors. I got my appointment with Dr. Seward, she’s the OBGYN-oncologist who just did my endometrial biopsy two weeks ago. I got good news on Tuesday: nothing scary, but I have to see her in four months. I made the November appointment—yeah, since I have a car, I can resume treatment in Lake Mary. It takes 15-20 minutes to get there instead of an hour to go to the office south of downtown Orlando.

I’m still trying to get my colonoscopy, that was due this month, set up for August. Someone from Dr. Gidday’s office is calling all the, “due,” patients. “You should get a call next week,” is what I was told. Yeah, I’ll believe that when it happens. When I asked if I could just make the appointment now since I was on the phone, I was told,”No.” I said, “Well, that seems ridiculous, since I could be working when someone calls and be unable to take that call.”

I also made my appointment to get my hair cut and done by a student at the Aveda Institute in Winter Park. Twenty bucks for a wash, cut, style. I have to bring cash for the tip, I asked.

I got the information I needed to transfer my Planet Fitness membership from Casselberry to the one less than a mile from me in Winter Springs. I’m going to try and resume regular exercise on Sunday. Because of the rotator cuff issue and my right knee sometimes wanting to see my orthopedic doctor and sometimes saying, “Yeah, we’re good today,” I’m going to concentrate on cardio at first. I can sit on a recumbent stationary bike for hours, if I have a book to read.

Why is so much in life a series of doing trivial tasks that really aren’t trivial, but the foundations for getting life accomplished? I’d like to just be able to dive right in, but it doesn’t work that way.

Well, it’s Summer in Florida and the rain ended—for now, thunder still happening—and the flies and gnats are pestering me. I haven’t sat outside lately because it’s so bloody hot. But, I’m going to head on inside and work on my list some more.

I still have to think of today’s word.


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