Ugh, it’s not even Summer yet.

Leaving work. Thank God.

Too hot. Still sitting in my car. Just put front and rear AC’s to 60 degrees F.

Gonna check out books on travel blogs. Lordy, I need time to fiddle with this thing. I’d like to take a vacation to work on that. Gee, in a year and a half working for Sprout’s I’ve earned ten hours of vacation time. In actuality, it’s 14 months since I was on leave for almost four months. Thank you, shot unconscious man who totaled my Pontiac, a Rav 4 and caused $7,000 worth of damage to a Chevy Trailblazer! And broke my shoulder and permanently screwed up my rotator cuff.

More later, I hope. Still having updating issues. But, that image took five seconds to insert.

Go figure. I won the WP Lottery. Lol.

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