Mopped the kitchen floor, and…

…my right rotator cuff isn’t real happy. It hurts even though I didn’t have to do much lifting. Thank you shot unconscious man who caused that four car collision.

I’m outside with Bo—even though it’s lightly sprinkling in the sunshine. I didn’t want him inside while the floor is wet.

Now, I’m wet cause it’s so frigging humid out here. I can’t believe this little dog isn’t whining to get inside. He hates any kind of rain. He is staying mostly by my chair.

I’ve had three days off. I was thinking of trying to work some shifts at the new Apopka Sprouts, but there are some household chores I wanted to do while I had the motivation. I packed a few boxes, because somehow, some way I’m moving out of this crappy apartment by year’s end.

Now, that I have an SUV I can cram it full of stuff I want to unload to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Being at the mercy of Vickie and her schedule it has been hard to coordinate the purging on top of doctor’s appointments for both of us. And for a couple of periods of time Rose’s car was not functioning. So Vickie was dealing with the errands of three people.

Now, I have my own vehicle again and I am so grateful. The post accident eight months was physically, financially, mentally and spiritually painful.

I am so grateful that time has ended. It’s time to save money wisely and try to find a better home. I know it’s a bad time with rents skyrocketing, but I have to try.

I have to send a more definitive message out to the Universe by simply doing things such as purging and packing. According to numerology, I’m in a 9 personal year; a lot of things will be ending and making way for better anything.

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