Ominous skies in Winter Park

I needed to have off today for a medical procedure. Well, we have to give Sprout’s 21 days notice for a request off. We do the requesting via an app.

When you get into the app and the correct page to enter your request, the calendar is already highlighted with the earliest day you can request off. I miscalculated when I went to request today off. It was like day 20, not 21–something like that.

So, I told my boss I needed 6/6 off. Whenever I know it’s going to be one of those procedures with hoops to jump through, I like to have it off. I just hate rushing. I should have written it down in a note, because she scheduled me.

I told her I could only work till 2pm. I got that ok’d (took photos of the notation on the daily front end schedule). I figured it would not be too much of a pain to work most of my shift because the appointment was at the Orlando Women’s Health Pavillon, which is about five miles from Sprout’s.

I got to my appointment under blue sky with big fluffy clouds. Of course, if you live in Florida, and pay attention to the environment, you know that when the season starts heading toward summer, those beautiful white fluffy clouds can fill up quickly with evaporated water and become thunderheads.

I was inside the building no more than 30 minutes. When I exited I immediately saw the plum colored sky above my bright white Rogue.

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