Home, and ready to neem oil my plants.

This is what this mini rose looks like this evening. What it looked like a week ago is below. I’m relieved it’s happier.

It’s 7:29 pm. I just got home from work. Vickie fetched me in her little black Honda. She was in pain. She has fibromyalgia and also needs the magic of my vascular and orthopedic surgeons. I lucked out. They are both incredibly talented doctors.

I’m so glad Rose and I twisted her arms to get ACA insurance with Florida Blue. Now, we just have to keep bugging her about calling her primary for the initial appointment and referrals. My guess is she’s going to need the vascular doctor first.

She’s just not used to taking care of herself as much as she cares for others. Lordy, she raised about six kids, counting the special needs adults she sort of adopted. Libra trait: putting others before yourself. I love her to death. She’s such a good soul.

She’s inside with Rose. I’m chilling outside. It’s weird getting off work so late. This was two milestones in my return to work journey. It was my first weekend shift (I did work a Friday) since 8/5/2021, the day my car was murdered, my shoulder broken, and my rotator cuff torn. Interestingly, it was the same shift I worked on that infamous collision day: 10-6:30. The second milestone is that it’s the longest shift I’ve worked since I returned on November 30th. There were many slammed periods, I like that. I need to stay busy.

Another weird thing about working today was that I had to use a Lyft ride. I blew $22.60 just to get to work. Yeah, I HAVE to get a car as soon as I can. I just can’t afford that more than once in awhile. I don’t want to buy a car online. I just don’t trust that set up. I want to drive it, touch it, smell it, and visually inspect it before I hand over my debit card. So, I’m again, at Vickie’s mercy to bring me to dealerships. Thus, I’ll be needing to go on Mondays and Tuesdays.

So, here I sit outside with the sun going down. The neem oil has to be applied either early morning or early evening because if the sun hits the wet plants it could burn them. I figured early evening would be safest. So, in a minute I’m going to trudge back into the kitchen for the gloves I forgot to grab. It’s not good to get the oil on skin.

Well, here I go to get gloves.

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