This weekend’s adventures

Hint: they were not that adventurous. I mean, I would much rather have been hiking in the mountains in a western state. But, oh well, I’m sort of stuck in flat Florida. I probably should get the bunion fixed and my knee replaced first. My right leg is kind of a mess. I’m still ambulatory. So, that’s good.

This will mostly be photos. Photos taken by me.

Sun over my front yard on Saturday.
Me watching Bo sunning himself on Saturday.
We went to IHOP in Oviedo.
As we were leaving IHOP a VW parked next to us. I miss my VW!!!
Sky over the Arafaya Woods shopping center, where IHOP is. There’s a Publix there too.
We went to Publix so I could get a salad to eat with my left over omelette later for dinner. Well, that kind of mushroomed.

First, I discovered these interesting looking kombuchas. And, they were BOGO.

Brewed by women in St. Pete. Whoohoo, practically, my hometown. I drank the pineapple coconut one on the drive home. It was very good.
My dead-looking mini rose I got at Winn Dixie. I cut out the dead parts—it was actually two plants in this tiny pot. I transplanted the survivor. I had this plant for a week. I discovered that I might have pests.

I transplanted three plants: my first mini roses, my sad, newest mini roses, and my kolachoe. After some research, and texts traded with my friend, Pat, I decided to get some neem oil.

I wish, like my plants, I could get installed into a new, happier, better home.
I was up late reading the Elizabeth George novel I ordered online from Powell’s City of Books.

Sunday, Vickie let me take her car to Home Depot in Oviedo to get my neem oil and a doormat. The mat is for use with my Simply Fit board. I need to put it on carpet, or a rug to work out on it.

The entrance into Home Depot’s garden center.

Doormat World. I almost missed it cause I was distracted by all the shiny refrigerators. My favorite one was only a little more than $3,000. It’s hell having Venus in Capricorn and not being wealthy.

So many choices. I was looking for utilitarian and cheap. But, I really liked the flamingo one.
I got my doormat and my neem oil, and I swear, that terracotta pot just leapt off the shelf into my cart. The merchandise here, like at Publix, is enchanted.

Miraculously, I only spent about fifteen minutes in that immense store. I can’t believe that people manage to exit without the help of search parties, which are heavily utilized in western states. It seems like in Oregon, they are used at least once a week to pluck people off of Mt. Hood. I recall it got so bad, in the 1990’s, that the state was thinking of implementing what amounted to a stupidity fee for those people who went exploring and had refused the use of trackers and other tools, who later had to be rescued.

Next stop was Sprouts in Oviedo.
This store is bigger than my store in Winter Park. I’ve tried to transfer to this store because my aim is to move closer to UCF.
Once at home I read the instructions on the neem oil. I can’t use it on newly transplanted plants. Shit. Pat said to wait a week to let the roots re-establish to their new homes.

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