Clouds and rainbows

I needed gardening supplies, and the closest place for that is the Walmart in Casselberry. It’s about halfway between my apartment and my employer in Winter Springs.

Unfortunately, the terracotta pots I wanted to get (they are the cheapest) were almost completely sold out. There were none in the size I needed. So, I had to go with the right size, but on sale. One, is even kind of fancy! It’s a glazed blue. It was $9.48.

It started raining just as we were getting in the car to leave. Just before that, I snapped some sky photos.

This is the sky over the Casselberry Walmart on Semoran (SR 436).

The rain continued as we drove back to Winter Springs. It was the kind of Florida rain that is kind of medium heavy while the sun is almost fully blasting.

When we left SR 436, and took Winter Park Drive, I noticed rainbows 🌈 through the passenger window and I started snapping photos with my phone in a death grip so I wouldn’t drop it on the road.

I fiddled with all of these photos to bring out the colors more.

As we got closer to our street, we saw that the rainbows were OVER our street. We hoped Vickie was inside our apartment counting the loot from the pot of gold. Dern, no such luck. 🍀

All photos by Pamela M. Sykes, 2022.

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