More Florida skies

Hey, everyone, it’s 6:29 am. Vickie just dropped me off at Spout’s for my 2.5 hour wait before my 9-1 shift begins. I have a three hour wait when my shift ends. Having no car has gotten very old.

I wanted to post something, but I have a lot of ideas buzzing in my head, and I’m unsure of the writing direction I want to take. So, I decided to post these shots of Florida skies.

Tuesday, after my tax return appointment at H & R Block, there were some really beautiful cloud formations. I began snapping away.

All of these photos were taken in Winter Springs, or Winter Park.

4/5 Tuskawilla, in Winter Springs.







All the photos above are of the sky over the tax office in Tuskawilla. The ones below are of the sky over my street on 4/5 in Winter Springs.







This one I fiddled with because there was a very faint rainbow and I tried to bring it out more. It really didn’t work, but I kind of like how the colors turned out.

This next batch of photos I took yesterday 4/6, in Winter Park, outside of Sprout’s, as I waiting for Vickie.











All photos are by Pamela M. Sykes.

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